Jed Brophy in San Diego

We are honored to welcome actor Jed Brophy to our 12th Edition of the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, California April 30, 2023.

Make Your Dream Movie Workshop

This workshop: Make Your Dream Movie, is sure to inspire you and provide you with what you need to make your own smartphone feature or short film!

IMFF 2023 Participants

We are happy and excited to finally announce the participants in the 12th Edition of San Diego’s International Mobile Film Festival!

Feature Films 2023

Feature films, Desconocidas (Unknowns) by Luis Fernandez and Paralysis by Levi Austin Morris screen during IMFF 2023 in San Diego.

Thanksgiving 2023

IMFF thanks you for 12 editions of filmmakers and creatives using smartphone cameras to make films. We’re giving back to our community this Thanksgiving.

Superheroes Assemble

This year, Dude Vader leads the famous Science Fiction Coalition group to sponsor International Mobile Film Festival. And we’re announcing it in a big way!

IMFF 2022

IMFF 2022 in San Diego, California.

Judges 2023

Judges agree to our professional standards policy in order to select the best films, screenplays and photos. We’re honored to introduce you to the judges for IMFF 2023. We are immensely grateful for the work they volunteered to accomplish in order to select the winners for IMFF 2023. SPONSORS IMFF 2023 FilmConvert | Moondog Labs […]