We’ll soon announce a change to our feature film competition rules and criteria.
In 2016, IMFF shared VR 3D videos with attendees with our friends at Passage Productions. We also introduced our Feature Film Competition, leveling up making movies with smartphone cameras for the indie filmmakers around the world. This year, we have a change in the rules for feature film competition. Stay tuned!
Your Story Shapes You is the latest by Smartphone Filmmaking on Susy Botello’s Substack publication. Read the story.
Community Stories is a program that launched almost concurrently with our film festival. We launched this program in July 2009. The program was the first category in the festival. Now it’s a stand-alone program included in the festival when appropriate. The concept is that stories told from within a community or culture are the most powerful. Read more.
Watch the Smartphone Photo Story Contest video that screened during our film festival last month. Congratulations to Ian Leer from London, UK for winning the Inaugural Best Smartphone Photo Story Award. Read Details and watch the video featuring Zdenka Mihelic and Ian Leer.
The vibe, the energy, the mood, the inspiration…all of these things were on a positive note felt by all the attending filmmakers and some of the people who bought tickets to attend. READ AND COMMENT
Latest episode 144 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking: Podcast host, Susy Botello, talks to Levi Austin Morris who took home the prize for Best Feature Film for Paralysis at the IMFF in San Diego. LISTEN

NEWS: Submissions for IMFF 2024, our 13th edition open June 19, 2023. The next festival dates are April 26, 27 & 28, 2024.

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