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Wednesday, July 17 San Diego, California

Capture your summer moments and stories with your smartphone, make a film and submit it to IMFF 2025. The red carpet is in your pocket!™

Your films belong to you! We will promote you and your work, give you the platform to distribute and get eyes on your films, roll out the red carpet, and treat every one of you like stars without discrimination. Submissions are open for our 14th edition.

13th Edition IMFF 2024 April 29: First Place Award Short Film, Sapling by Dhwani Shah with Mila Besson, Lydia Muir and Ellen Prudente. Photo by Mario Sevilla edited by SBP.

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Every Submission receives a gift from Videomaker! Our partnership offers a one free year digital subscription to Videomaker magazine when you submit your project to IMFF 2025.

Each subscription features tips and tricks, buyer’s guides for filmmaking equipment, and various editorial content regarding the industry of video. Submissions for IMFF 2025 are open.

Read the details and criteria.

Our longest running sponsor has confirmed they are sponsoring prizes for 2025. Listen to an insightful conversation with FilmConvert’s Henessey Griffiths in episode 183 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking, discuss how to bring the colors of cinema to your films and videos.


Thank you to everyone who participated on our 13th Edition of the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, California April 26-28. We’re catching our breath at this time but we are thankful to all the judges, sponsors, our team and supporters, and all the filmmakers. Read the results of all contests and competitions.

Thank you to Art School Dropouts’ Joey Min and Stephanie Pham for their inspiring workshop, “Mobile filmmaking scales up!”

Read testimonials from attending filmmakers.

We’re super grateful to our partner sponsors & everyone who helps us put this together! Thank you!

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About our film festival in San Diego, watch the video

Shot with iPhone, edited in iMovie and music created with Garageband. No ads or distractions, watch our story.

Our Story Begins with September 11, 2001

Have you heard the origin story of how our pioneering film festival was conceptualized? Did you know the idea of making movies for the big screen in the future began on September 11th, 2001?

Listen to festival founder Susy Botello share her personal story.

You can listen to episode 143 online, download or listen in your own app.

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A screen grab from a post on LinkedIn in the San Diego Video Production Network group, dated July 3, 2009. "Enter your mobile film shot on your mobile phone into the International Mobil Film Festival™ in San Diego's Community Stories Category free."
Above is a screen grab from years ago, months after promoting our new film festival for films shot with mobile phone cameras for the big screen in San Diego. We created our first category: Community Stories. It was the only category we had for a few years because we didn’t want to limit you to specific categories as long as you shot your films with your phone. The date on the image is from July 3, 2009.
MOBILE FILMMAKING PODCAST HISTORY: This logo was created by Susy Botello September 9, 2012. An idea to start a podcast for mobile filmmakers in 2012? She let it rest four years before diving in again about a year before publishing it October 2017 as the SBP Podcast. Never give up on your ideas. The SBP Podcast is thriving with over 165 full episodes.

Want to start your own podcast?

If you are interested in learning how to start a podcast and bring a voice to your community? Contact Susy Botello for a consultation.

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ARE YOU AWARE OF OUR SPECIAL PROGRAM? Community Stories is a program that launched almost concurrently with our film festival. We launched this program in July 2009. The program was the first category in the festival. Now it’s a stand-alone program included in the festival when appropriate. The concept is that stories told from within a community or culture are the most powerful. Read more.

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