We created the world’s first official International Mobile Film Festival launched in the Spring of 2009. IMFF was the first film festival to screen films shot with ONLY mobile phones of all brands on a big screen in a traditional film festival setting.

Join us April 28, 29 & 30 in San Diego, California for the 12th Edition IMFF 2023.

New theme for International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego: REVEL.
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IMFF is THE industry event for mobile smartphone filmmakers.

As one of the longest established festivals in the world for mobile smartphone filmmakers, we transformed our film festival for the 2022 11th edition and beyond, as a leading global film festival for professional mobile films for both, short and feature film competitions. We’ve added a separate competition for less experienced filmmakers: The Rookie Award.

We continue our reputation of professionalism within the industry and continue to raise the bar.

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“Make Your Dream Movie” Mobile Filmmaking Workshop led by Levi Austin Morris (center) with Allison Lobel (left) and Jamie Tobias (right) IMFF 2023’s 12th Edition April 30, 2023. Sponsored by Mobile Film School (non-accredited). Photo: Mario Sevilla.

The San Diego Mobile Film School (non-accredited) was officially launched in September 2012. It has since held workshops during each film festival event and on it’s own. During the pandemic, we found it impossible to provide our intended “hands-on” instruction, lectures and seminars. However, we continue to look for opportunities for in-person events, and maintain the tradition through our in-person film festival in San Diego.

Our brand, International Mobil Film Festival™ is an annual event that takes place in San Diego, California. The festival brings people together to celebrate storytelling through mobile filmmaking. We showcase short and feature films shot with smartphones on a big screen. In 2023 we bring a short screenplay and smartphone photo contest to the lineup.

We present a unique awards ceremony with our “Red Carpet Extravaganza!” honoring contenders from all competitions; actors, and crew of all ages. All participants are escorted by sponsors Dude Vader and members of the Science Fiction Coalition on the red carpet.

Each year, the festival recruits a number of volunteer judges with no interference from our festival, or each other, to select the winners for each competition.

Participants in our film festival enjoy networking with industry professionals, learning through workshops and special presentations, and make new friends and genuine connections.

The International Mobile Film Festival was created by founder Susy Botello of S. Botello Productions™ who launched it in the Spring 2009.

Filmmakers Marina
Photo credit: Dean Curry Photography. Left to right back row: Cooper Friedman, Madison Friedman (front), Quinn Friedman, Niles Larson, Caroline Spence, James Smith, Kelly Calabrese, Dave Calabrese, Randy Zuniga, Julia Zuniga, Alison Kohlhardt; Center front row: Clint Clark (left), Preston Meneses (right).

International Mobile Film Festival is a GOLD Member Film Festival on FilmFreeway.com and an IMDb qualifying film festival.

NEW 2023 Competitions

Smartphone Photo Contest

Short Screenplay Contest 6-8 pages.


All categories and competitions are on FilmFreeway.com


The Feature Film Competition seeks high quality well produced story based narrative feature length films. Three films will be selected to screen and compete for the Best Feature Film Award.

The Short Film Competition seeks short high quality films of all genres. Winners in each of the categories in the short film competition (see categories in FilmFreeway.com) will compete for the top three awards: First, Second, and Third Place. 2023 new time limits are 3-10 minutes!

Both feature and short film competition selected films will screen during our main event screening in our film festival. 

The Rookie Award is a separate competition for less experienced, and new mobile filmmakers to showcase their films in a separate session during our film festival. The length of the short films in this category/competition is 1-5 minutes. All genres accepted. One of a handful of selected films will receive special recognition during the awards ceremony and one film will be recognized as the winner of The Rookie Award.

Read about the Community Stories Program.

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