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S. Botello Productions™ (based in San Diego, California) has initiated a new program bridging the mobile and indie film communities with a new ongoing panel conversation presented by the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking, hosted by Susy Botello.

Happy 6th Birthday this month to the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking!

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Fade In To Film (FITF) is a bi-weekly Panel Discussion covering topics of interest affecting the filmmaking and mobile filmmaking community jointly, with a foundation in storytelling through film.

The program discusses current events and news of interest to both communities, with an effort to solidify the connection between them.

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We discuss the steps to get through before filming your feature mobile film. We got you covered in this one!

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The Voice of Mobile Film™ is for everyone who ever wanted to or is curious about making movies and videos using smartphones.

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Host and moderator for the ongoing series, Susy Botello, leads Fade In To Film with industry experts.


Susy Botello is a pioneer and passionate avid advocate for artists, video producers and filmmakers, and is the founder of the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego launched in 2009.

San Diego, California

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Ryan McDonald is an award-winning independent writer, director, and producer and the Chairman of the Film Committee for the Egyptian Theatre Foundation Board of Directors in Ogden, Utah.

Ogden, Utah

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Levi Austin Morris is a Los Angeles based filmmaker who has been mobile filmmaking since 2014 and enjoys exploring humanity through dark comedy, horror, and lgbt stories.

Los Angeles, California

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Joey Min is the co-founder of Art School Dropouts, an east coast based digital media group that creates weekly original narrative-driven “feel-good” content on YouTube.

New Jersey

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Susy is a pioneer and passionate, avid advocate for artists, video producers, and filmmakers. She entered the video industry professionally in 1997-98. Her experience includes short and feature films playing many roles, including cinematographer, script supervisor, and production coordinator. She is also a writer.

Susy Botello earned an Associate of Science Degree in Media Communications with honors, and has worked as a media manager, camera operator, and editor.

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