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IMFF 2025

#MFF2025SanDiego is April 25-27, 2025

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2023 Awards

Celebrate mobile filmmaking with us during the last weekend in April every year!

The 14th annual International Mobile Film Festival celebrates the creativity and art of filmmaking with smartphone cameras. Founded in 2009, IMFF is the world’s first live event film festival dedicated to mobile phone movie making! Get inspired by amazing films shot with smartphones and make your own movie.

Don’t miss out on this unique experience – attend the 14th edition IMFF and celebrate mobile filmmaking, April 25-27, 2025!

IMFF 2024 Sunday, April 28.

Immerse yourself in a world of creative art, watch award-winning films, network with like-minded filmmakers, and create a masterpiece of your own! Unleash your inner director and join us at IMFF in our beautiful San Diego venue by the bay.

IMFF 2024 Dhwani Shah, Lydia Muir, Mila Besson and Ellen Prudente. Photo by Susy Botello.

IMFF 2024 took place at Marina Village in San Diego April 26-28.

Official Contestants IMFF 2024: Ian Courtney | Sohibanoo Zolghadr | Rick Cerda | Jonathan Lagudi & Laura Brogan Browne | Alexandra Guillossou | Hamid Khosravanipour | Daniel Michael Tomcik | RJ Baculo | Alexandre Belanger | Austin Giles | Erik Hogan | Ryan McDonald | Katerina Desyatova & Charley Stadler | Nora Le Guen | Mohammadreza Moghi | Péter Engelmann & Kata Domján | Michèle M Jedlicka | Dhwani Shah | Lucy Bond & Leo Mitchell | Marta Renzi | Ian Leer | Harry Valentine | Sacha Reyes | Monique Sorgen | Jimena Larraguivel | Réka Shikli | Sophia McDonald | Miguel Lopez de Leon | Vincenzo De Sio


Short Film Contender, “Sapling.”

Attending in person: Dhwani Shah, Mila Besson, Ellen Prudente, Lydia Muir. New York, New York.

Synopsis: A young writer’s creative session takes an abrupt turn when her mentor initiates an uncomfortably edgy game of ‘Truth Or Dare’, unraveling the intricate web of consent and power politics. Shot with Apple iPhone 14 Pro.

The Rookie Award Contest “Ghost Leave”

Attending in person: Miguel Lopez de Leon. Los Angeles, California.

Synopsis: A man is harassed by a ghost. Shot with iPhone 13 Pro.

Short Film Contender, “Our Trespasses”

Attending in person: Rick Cerda, Jesse Cerda, Holly Landez. North Killeen, Texas.

Synopsis: A rebellious young Erica has an egocentric attitude, breaking boundaries without regard. “Um, Erica” (America) experiences a rude awakening and must learn empathy and forgiveness before her attitude alienates her in this melting pot story of assimilating characters and their all too common struggles. Shot with iPhone 10 Max.

The Rookie Award Contest “Disquiet”

Attending in person: Réka Shikli, Kinga Shikli, Sofi Shikli. Fraser Lake, Canada.

Synopsis: A young girl must escape from an apartment without waking the man sleeping in the next room. Shot with iPhone 11.

Short Film Contender, “Lying is Complicated”

Attending in person: Monique Sorgen. Santa Monica, California.

Synopsis: Melanie tries to get her fake fiancé to come to dinner with her so she can keep up the ruse about how she’s getting married, thus forcing her married friends to hang out with her as her bridesmaids. Shot with Samsung Galaxy S22.

Short Film Contender, “I Drew You”

Attending in person: Harry Valentine, Paul Laier. Los Angeles, California.

Synopsis: Deep underground Los Angeles, a social media influencer takes a commuter for a deadly subway ride of karmic revenge. Shot with iPhone 13 Pro.

Frame A Story (One Story in One Frame), “Arcadia”

Attending in person: Vincenzo De Sio. New York City, New York.

Synopsis: ARCADIA is the name of fantasy ship. New York is the only city in the world where you can live stories and moments in every corner. ARCADIA grooves time and space. Shot with iPhone XR.

The Rookie Award Contest “Sister Sister Jinx”

Attending in person: Sophia McDonald, Alyssa McDonald. Ogden, Utah.

Synopsis: Two sisters battle each other in a game of demonic wits. Shot with iPhone 11.

Short Film Contender, “Luke Skywalker – A “Peaches” Parody”

Attending in person: Ryan McDonald. Ogden, Utah.

Synopsis: A fun parody of the hit music video by Jack Black. Shot with iPhone 11.

Feature Film Contender, “Movie Theater Massacre”

Attending in person: Ian Courtney. Detroit, Michigan.

Synopsis: A group of employees are working their last week at a movie theater that is going out of business when a mysterious figure begins to murder people. Shot with iPhone 12 Pro.

Feature Film Contender, “A Long Afternoon”

Attending in person: Sohibanoo Zolghadr. Tehran, Iran.

Synopsis: Maryam has been separated from her husband. She and he created engraving software. On this long afternoon, the program is to be sold. But the lure of money left them and her friends wanting a piece of it. The film was shot in one take with an iPhone. “We practiced sequence design for over a month, and when I tried to start, almost everyone said it was impossible. But I knew that with hard work and determination, we could do it.” Shot with iPhone 13 Pro Max.

IMFF 2024 WORKSHOP: Live Action Filmmaking with iPhones

2024 IMFF Smartphone Action Filmmaking Workshop. We were truly honored that Joey Min and Stephanie Pham came from the east coast in New Jersey to share this incredible workshop.

Joey Min and Stephanie Pham are the founders of Art School Dropouts and their workshop will highlight their techniques for action filmmaking. Their film, “No Budget Zorro” shot entirely with an iPhone was showcased during the workshop on the big screen on Sunday, April 28.

Art School Dropouts offers tutorials on their website.

Thankful to all the judges for 2024!


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The SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking has been promoting the festival and interviewing some of the festival participants since 2017.

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San Diego’s IMFF is an IMDb qualifying Film Festival since 2016 and a GOLD Member Film Festival on

In studio coverage April 23, 2019 – CBS8 News:

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Photo: Filmmaker Anthony De La Cruz interviewed on red carpet by founder Susy Botello. IMFF 2016. Photo credit: Rick Raney.
ProductionHUB shares our story on their website. Photo credit: 656 Photography.
SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking’s Fade In To Film panelists in-person recording with the audience during IMFF 2024. Left to right: Joey Min, Levi Austin Morris, Ryan McDonald and Susy Botello. Photo credit: Mario Sevilla.


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