Welcome to the 13th Edition of the International Mobile Film Festival

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#MFF2023SanDiego took place April 28-30, 2023

#MFF2024SanDiego is April 26-28, 2024 – Mark Your Calendars!

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2023 Awards

Celebrate mobile filmmaking with us during the last weekend in April every year!

The 13th annual International Mobile Film Festival celebrates the creativity and art of filmmaking with smartphone cameras. Founded in 2009, IMFF is the world’s first live event film festival dedicated to mobile phone movie making! Get inspired by amazing films shot with smartphones and make your own movie.

Immerse yourself in a world of creative art, watch award-winning films, network with like-minded filmmakers, and create a masterpiece of your own! Unleash your inner director and join us at IMFF in our beautiful San Diego venue by the bay.

Don’t miss out on this unique experience – attend the 13th annual IMFF and celebrate mobile filmmaking!

Special Guest Jed Brophy IMFF 2023: Special Presentation

Sponsors Dude Vader (left) and Science Fiction Coalition with Jed Brophy (center) during the unique IMFF Red Carpet Extravaganza. Photo credit: Mario Sevilla.

Countries & States Represented During IMFF 2023: California, USA; Oregon, USA; Texas, USA; New York, USA; Indiana, USA; Ireland, France, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Russia, Australia, Mexico, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, Canada, India, Spain, and China.





Feature Films


Paralysis filmmaker Levi Austin Morris was in attendance with Allison Lobel and Jamie Tobias.

Desconocidas (Unknowns) filmmaker Luis Fernandez was in attendance with Mimi Lazo.

Meet Ricky Patrick attending IMFF 2023 from Los Angeles California

Ricky Patrick
Why Are We Here?
Rookie Award Film
Ricky Patrick is a multifaceted artist skilled in multiple visual and performance mediums. With his latest video he has tried to incorporate all of these skills from musicianship, to prop-building, costuming, visual art, and special effects work.

Meet Erica “ET” Taylor, Shellsy Malveaux and Carla Lyles attending IMFF 2023 from Houston Texas.

Erica Taylor
Coming Home
Rookie Award Film
Erica “ET” Taylor is a visual storyteller from Houston, TX. She is the founder of Rebel Moon Creative, LLC – a production company that helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and organizations connect their brand’s story with their community through visual storytelling.

Shellsy Malveaux
Shellsy Malveaux is the event and creative curator of Unconventional Spaces, a creative production agency based in Houston, Texas. She’s a community advocate/mental wellness ambassador of creating safe spaces for the unseen and underserved communities.

Carla Lyles
Carla Lyles is a community leader, designer and entrepreneur from Houston, Texas.

Meet Matt Phillips attending IMFF 2023 from San Diego, California

Matt Phillips
Customer Service Representative

Narrative Short Film
Matt Phillips lives in San Diego and has written five acclaimed noir novels including the ‘noir classic,’ Know Me from Smoke. His sixth novel, A Good Rush of Blood, will be published in November of 2023.

Meet Erifili Davis attending IMFF 2023 from Dubbo, Australia.

Erifili Davis
Fell Purpose
Narrative Short Film
Erifili’s love affair with story telling on-screen started at the age of four when her family bought their first television. Having come into filmmaking later in life, she has been involved in the production of over ten short form projects and is currently in development of her first feature film.

Meet Jason Rivera, Music Composer for Help Wanted, attending IMFF 2023 from Los Angeles, California.

Jason Rivera, Music Composer
Help Wanted
Narrative Short Film
Jason Rivera is a Puerto Rican, Los Angeles-based composer and multi-instrumentalist. In 2021, a project he scored, “Disarming Microaggressions,” won three Telly Awards.

Jason composed the music for Help Wanted, and is representing filmmaker Conor Geary.

Monique Lea-Gall
Me vs Me
Narrative Short Film
Writer, Producer, Actress
Monique Lea-Gall’s passion is to create strong action leading roles for women of color. You can catch Monique acting in major television shows and film. She’s the writer producer and lead actress in Me vs Me film.

Rome Gall – Producer, Actor
Rome Gall comedian extraordinaire and producer, actor in Me vs Me film.

Nate Anderson – Production Assistant
Nathanael Anderson an entrepreneur with a passion for art and design. Production Assistant in Me vs Me Film.

Tamor Lewis – Editor
Tamor Lewis is a video editor born and raised in LA, with hopes of making his hobby a full time job. Tamor is the editor for Me Vs Me film. 

Klaudia Kovács
Brown Paper Bag
Narrative Short Film
Oscar contestant in “Best Documentary,” Klaudia Kovács, is a multi-award-winning Film & Theater Director based in Hollywood, California. Klaudia has garnered 37 awards and accolades so far and she’s known for her film, TORN FROM THE FLAG, an 8-time award-winning picture about the Cold War and the decline of Communism.

Bradley L. Read
Bradley L. Read is an composer/musician who spent his teenage years studying classical piano. After graduating from art school he played in fusion groups for many years. He now composes and records for film projects.

Jasper Capalad
The Shot
Narrative Short Film
Jasper Capalad is a filmmaker/musician based in San Diego and Los Angeles. Capalad primarily uses his iPhone 13 Pro to shoot his projects!

The SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking has been promoting the festival and interviewing some of the festival participants since 2017.

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San Diego’s IMFF is an IMDb qualifying Film Festival since 2016 and a GOLD Member Film Festival on

In studio coverage April 23, 2019 – CBS8 News:

Watch the news segment!
Photo: Filmmaker Anthony De La Cruz interviewed on red carpet by founder Susy Botello. IMFF 2016. Photo credit: Rick Raney.
ProductionHub shares our story on their website. They’re sponsoring IMFF for the second consecutive year in 2023.

Meet the judges

We’re honored and grateful to the judges for IMFF 2023.

Judge Panels IMFF 2023


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