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SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking, is a show dedicated to exploring the world of mobile filmmaking and the opportunities it presents for aspiring filmmakers. As a pioneer in the field of mobile filmmaking, host Susy Botello brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the podcast, inspiring and empowering her listeners to tell their stories through the power of mobile technology.

Susy began to research how to start a podcast remotely and in person early in 2017. She recorded the very first episode remotely, a short conversation with colleague and friend Vesna Ristovska in Macedonia, and published it October 6th, 2017 on the SBP Podcast.

SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking is The Voice Of Mobile Film™ | Other pod players to listen: iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, and many more!

Using that first episode as a learning experience, she then published the first “official” episode October 27th. Currently, the podcast has over 140 episodes and is listed on IMDb, where some episodes are giving guests IMDb credit.

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Podcast Articles

Most episodes include an article published on the SBP Smartphone Filmmaking publication on Medium.com. Give up to 50 claps (it’s free) per article to support our efforts in writing articles with our podcast audio episodes.

About SBP Podcast

The show is produced by S. Botello Productions™. Host Susy Botello is the writer, producer, director and composer. You can find details about the show on IMDb.

The Voice of Mobile Film™ is for everyone who ever wanted to or is curious about making movies and videos using smartphones.

NOTE: The SBP Podcast is provided free to everyone in the world through your favorite pod player app, online and you can even download a free MP3 to keep forever and listen offline.

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Like our podcast logo? The caricature of podcast host, Susy Botello was created by the founder and comics artist Keithan Jones of Kid Comics.

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