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"We empower the storyteller inside you through filmmaking with your smartphone." - S. Botello Productions™

We created the world's official International Mobile Film Festival and began in the Spring of 2009 as the first film festival to screen films shot with mobile cell phones on a big screen in a traditional film festival setting.


As one of the longest and established festivals in the world for mobile filmmakers, we have transformed our film festival for the 2022 11th edition and beyond, into a leading global film festival for professional mobile films for both, short and feature film competitions. We have added a separate competition for less experienced filmmakers: The Rookie Award.

As one of the world's oldest film festivals for smartphone films, we continue our reputation of professionalism within the industry and continue to raise the bar.

Our brand, International Mobil Film Festival™ is an annual event that takes place in San Diego, California. The festival brings people together to celebrate storytelling through mobile filmmaking. We showcase short and feature films shot with smartphones on a big screen.

We present a unique awards ceremony with our "Red Carpet Extravaganza!" honoring mobile filmmakers from all competitions; actors, and crew of all ages. All participating filmmakers are escorted by Red Carpet Sponsors Star Wars Steampunk Universe on the red carpet.

Each year, the festival recruits a number of volunteer judges with no interference from the festival to select the winning films for shorts and feature films.

Participants in our film festival enjoy networking with industry professionals and make new friends and genuine connections.

International Mobile Film Festival is aGOLD Member Film Festival on and an IMDb qualifying film festival.


Festival founder Susy Botello has presented mobile filmmaking panels at San Diego's Comic-Con International each year from 2016 until the pandemic in 2020. She also presented a seminar on mobile filmmaking in Indianapolis for IndyShorts by Heartland Film.

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Susy Botello during San Diego Comic-Con International Mobile Filmmaking Panel. (2016-2020)


MobilizeStories IndyShorts

Susy Botello's Mobile Filmmaking Seminar Indianapolis IndyShorts Inaugural festival by Heartland Film.

Susy taught a summer camp to teens on mobile filmmaking organized by Carlsbad Film Academy's Summer Camp in Carlsbad High School with middle-schoolers. Susy Botello is the host of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking with over 100 episodes of inspiring and informative discussions with mobile filmmakers and others around the world. The podcast is for everyone who is making smartphone films and videos, or is interested in doing so. It aims to inspire its listeners and is available in all major podcasting apps, including iHeart, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, via Alexa and more.

Susy is available to present workshops, teach mobile filmmaking with iPhones, and inspiring speaking seminars. Susy Botello's vision for making films and videos after September 11 and the rise of social media led her to launch the International Mobile Film Festival in 2009 as an empowering medium for storytellers.


In 2009, IMFF was for only films shot with mobile phones to present on a big screen during a live film festival event in San Diego and established IMFF a pioneer in the industry.


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We designed programs around mobile cell and smartphone film as a global community platform. When we designed our film festival exclusively for films shot with mobile and smart phones we envisioned the benefits to the entire world regardless of the industry beyond cinematic and documentary filmmaking. Our model for mobile film programs has three core elements: Educating, Showcasing and Distributing (ESD). 

Watch our story about our film festival in San Diego. We went out one afternoon with our iPhone and some gear, shot the video and by the next afternoon published our story. Be inspired and watch.

Streaming Service for Smartphone Films and Videos

On September 8, 2020, we announced the groundbreaking launch of, the first-ever Pay Per View multimedia platform for production, distribution and viewing of mobile films nationwide and internationally.

The innovative platform offers an online video-streaming service and community uniquely positioned for smartphone filmmakers and their diverse audiences. (MFS) provides an open space for the public and filmmakers – aspiring, novice and seasoned alike – to learn more about the mobile filmmaking process through best practices and educational resources. MFS also supplies the latest news and information, interactive communication, collaboration and unique networking opportunities for the emerging global mobile film market. 

Find out more on


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We are the official pioneer Mobile Film School (non-accredited) in San Diego, organized in 2011 and officially launched by S. Botello Productions™ (SBP) September 4, 2012.

SBP's Mobile Film School educates, informs and trains filmmakers and the general public on creating visual stories using their mobile phone cameras. Smartphones are the most accessible current mobile technology with a camera. Mobile Film School promotes professional and creative hands-on techniques to give filmmakers an opportunity to create awesome mobile films and videos which depict their artistic talent and skills in filmmaking and storytelling. But there's more. 

You can go online and watch tutorials for years and never understand how storytelling for film and videos work. We ensure that you understand the techniques film and video producers use to tell stories.

You can watch a testimonial short video from one of our workshops. 



SBP Podcast Susy Botello Website 

SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking The Voice of Mobile Film™

The SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking,, officially launched October 2017 and it's listed in IMDb.

The Voice of Mobile Film™ is for everyone who ever wanted to or is curious about making movies and videos using smartphones.

Mobile Film and Video is our focus and innovation is what drives us.

"My passion for storytelling and technology brings me to connect my experience in video and film to storytelling for everyone—using mobile phones." Susy Botello

S. Botello Productions is a pioneer in the mobile film industry since 2009.

Our podcast was created to promote and share stories by and for people who are making films using smartphones from all over the world. Its purpose has been to inspire people of all ages to realize their dream to make films and get involved in this emerging new industry. We want to share information and stories about mobile filmmaking.

SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking is available on just about all podcasting platforms including, Apple PodcastsiHeart RadioSpotify.





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We are delighted to promote a very important cause that is taking place in just about, if not all, communities around the globe: Storytelling.

Storytelling has been going on since the beginning of time. But today any person, whether a child, an elderly person, a homeless person, a college student or professional…can simply take their cell phone out of their pocket, and if it has a video camera and online access, share the story with the world.

Community Stories Program is Open to the World!

International Mobil Film Festival™ is opening its doors to the entire world to enter films shot on mobile phones, edited by any means, in order to showcase the films for recognition. We decided to make this category from our film festival into a featured program for the Mobile Film Resource Center.

Personal Community Story films are to bring awareness of the personal experiences involving communities around the globe as we are in such turmoil and economic chaos.

We really feel this venue platform needs to exist, and since we always think as innovators, we are opening our doors and our arms to these stories told by people who are right in the middle of it. You have to be a part of the community or culture whose story you are sharing through this program. We can train people who have never made a film to share their story using their smartphone's video camera.

We hope these stories will shed light to the heads of governments around the world to finally "feel" the experiences of people everywhere and make a positive impact by lobbying or literally creating and passing bills that truly bring empathy and happiness to our world.

If you are an organization or individual, school, or company with a need to promote your community and culture through your own voice, you have found your solution with this program available to everyone. We are creating a channel for community stories on our website and our Mobile Film Network. Your story can connect the world. Your story comes from your own perspective. Community Stories was designed by Susy Botello at the onset of the IMFF launch in 2009.

The maximum length of a community story for this exclusive program should not exceed 10 minutes and the best stories are about 4-6 minutes long. All films must be shot with only mobile phones with the exception of not more than 10% aerial footage by a camera on a drone. Audio can and should be external, because good audio is integral to storytelling. Editing does not have to be done on a phone.

All stories must be told by someone within the community or culture it represents. All films and videos must abide by copyright laws. These rules are exclusive to the program and are separate from our film festival competition category, with the exception of being shot using mobile phone cameras. It's important that they all be shot in the horizontal format for the the large screen.



We're available for workshops and lectures to present an inspiring program to a group or organization. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and be a part of what makes the world go around and connects us -- storytelling.


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