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Judge Panels IMFF 2020

This year's Judge Panels for the official International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego are comprised of film industry professionals. Our judge panels agree to our ethics policy in order to select the best films. We invite judges to attend the event to receive special recognition and meet the attending filmmakers. NOTE: The panels are not complete and "Under Construction."

There are two competitions: Mobile Feature Film and Mobile Short Film. Each are judged separately, by a separate panel. The Feature Film competition selects not more than three exceptional narrative feature films.

Join us April 25 & 26, 2020 to meet filmmakers from around the world, special speakers, presentations, network and join Q&A Sessions, a red carpet extravaganza and the awards ceremony.

Special VIP Guest Speaker: Actor Jed Brophy best known as Nori from The Hobbit films and Lord Of The Rings and other films will be presenting viral feature iPhone film from New Zealand, Blue Moon by Stef Harris. Jed stars in the film with Mark Hadlow also known for his role as Dori in The Hobbit. Jed Brophy is an Ambassador to the International Mobile Film Festival and looks forward to meeting the mobile filmmaking community and all the filmmakers in San Diego.

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Mobile Feature Film Judges


Stephanie Reibel Shorts Judge IMFF 2019

Stephanie Reibel | Actor

Stephanie Reibel is an actress, known for Two and a Half Men (2003), The Legend of Awesomest Maximus (2011) and Mobster (2013) amongst many others.



 Steven Palmer Peterson

Steven Palmer Peterson | Writer, Director

Despite growing up in Los Angeles, Steve Peterson did not see any movie stars until he left the state. After high school he joined the army, where he served at Fort Benning, Georgia, did two tours on the demilitarized zone in South Korea, and served in the OPFOR at Fort Irwin's National Training Center. After leaving the army he realized that sitting in a classroom wasn’t so tedious after all and studied philosophy at UCLA, USC, and Rutgers University. He specialized in philosophy of science—which has actually figured prominently in several of his screenplays: such as testing the limits of what can be sentient, self-consistent accounts of closed time-like loops, and the intersection of many worlds theory and Gödel's incompleteness theorem. That philosophical training makes Steve perhaps the only person in the world who actually went with a less risky career choice when he switched to screenwriting.

Steve has written 16 films in a variety of genres, including family, comedy, horror, thriller, and science fiction. Most recently he directed a feature film from his own script, Consensus Reality, about a schizophrenic architect’s odyssey through New York City. Also, Steve wrote Assimilate, a sci-fi horror feature starring ... that updates Invasion of the Body Snatchers for the YouTube generation.




Mobile Short Film Judges


Demetrius LaSean Witherspoon Shorts Judge IMFF 2019

Demetrius Witherspoon | Director, Writer and Producer

Demetrius was born in Louisville, KY and went on to be an RnB Singer and in 2013 film screenwriting, cinematographer, producer, Director, Editor. He has always loved films since he was 5 years old. Inspired by George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams. Demetrius wants to take the audience on a journey that they never been on before with his films. He has created commercials, and Award-Winning short films and Music Videos. He helmed 2013 Music Video As Pure: The Trilogy, short films Submerge: The Chronicles of Ni're, 2014 Submerge: The Frozen Land, Ville (cinematographer), Submerge: Ni're Reborn.  

Demetrius Sci-Fi installments Submerge: Echo 51 has a worldwide distribution and he has won "Best Director" and other Awards for the film. His next 2 Sci-Fi film projects are "Submerge: Blue Star" due out Spring 2020 and the Feature-length film Submerge: Galaxy of Subversion do to be Released in 2021.  Demetrius is building his Submerge Franchise not only with films but Comics, Submerge Card Games, Action Figures, Novels and more.

 Website | IMDb 


 Max Mussel IMFF 2020 Judge Panel


Maxim Mussel | Director, Writer, Producer & Filmmaking Instructor

Maxim Mussel is the author of the book: Mobile Filmmaking: 100 steps to making a movie with your smartphone. He is also the official founder of Mobile Filmmaker’s International Festival in Moscow, Russia.

Book | Website


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The Official International Mobile Film Festival takes place April 24, 25 and 26, 2020 in San Diego, California. 

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