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Our team collaborates on programs that benefit mobile filmmakers around the world. We're building a global resource focused on mobile smartphone filmmaking to encourage and inspire filmmakers to create films, tell stories and realize their dream using smartphone cameras.

"We empower the storyteller inside you through filmmaking with your smartphone." - S. Botello Productions™

S. Botello Productions™ is committed!

We presented a mobile filmmaking panel at San Diego's Comic-Con International for four consecutive years and presented a mobile filmmaking lecture in Indianapolis for the inaugural IndyShorts International film Festival by Heartland Film.

We've taught mobile filmmaking like in Carlsbad Film Academy's Summer Camp.

We're available to present workshops and teach mobile filmmaking with iPhones. We are available for inspiring speaking presentations by our founder Susy Botello. Her vision for making films and videos after September 11 and the rise of social media led her to launch the International Mobile Film Festival in 2009 as a pioneer in the industry.

If you are a company looking for a solution to video production without the high cost of services and training, we can fulfill your need. Contact us with your information to schedule a conversation.

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S. Botello Productions™ created the International Mobile Film Festival based in San Diego to create a platform for filmmakers of all ages to showcase their talents creatively by replacing the need for film/video cameras with what most people already have in their pockets. To enter a film festival where only those who shoot their films with mobile smartphones could compete and showcase their work.


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Below is our team of collaborators for S. Botello Productions™ programs. We take our relationships seriously and provide our team with respect and dignity in what they do and their passion as collaborators. Together we can accomplish more and benefit collectively.

Susy B small   

Susan Botello | Founder & CEO

Owner/CEO of S. Botello Productions™ (2006) created International Mobile Film Festival (2009) as the centerpiece of an organic strategy to expand and support mobile filmmaking as a distinctive art form worldwide. She also created programs like the Mobile Film School (2012) and is host of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking (2017).

Susy Botello is the president of Mobile Film Stories. MFS is the world's first and only smartphone streaming service (2020).

Susy is passionate about storytelling and film. She's an avid speaker and storyteller spreading the message of the mobile film community worldwide.

"At the center of everything we experience is a story. Stories are always evolving. The only beginning and end to a story is the one that is told or the one we perceive." Susy Botello, January 2, 2020

Susan built SBP around a network of experienced professionals. She's a creative writer with an Associate of Science (A.S.) Degree in Media Communications. She has 20 plus years experience in video production not limited to PSA's, promos, documentaries, training, and funding videos. She is experienced with short and full feature films. Susy's worked on production sets as Director of Photography (DP), Production Coordinator, and Script Supervisor.

Susy's worked with kids and teens on a professional level, teaching video and film production. Her communication skills and talents allow Susy to promote, enhance, and inspire the creative talents of youth and adults.

Susy is sharing content on her newsletter where you can connect and be a part of the community. Susy has been an advocate for mobile filmmaking since 2009 and welcomes connecting with mobile filmmakers. Subscribe to her newsletter and be a part of the conversation.


Susy also hosts the host and creator of the SBP Podcast "The Voice for Mobile Film" launched in October 2017. The SBP Podcast has over 105 episodes exclusive to the mobile filmmaking industry and is considered one one of the top podcasts in the mobile smartphone filmamking niche industry. www.sbppodcast.studio

The SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking is on IMDb. You'll find it on every popular podcasting app from Apple Podcasts to Amazon Music; iHeart Music to Pandora, and Spotify.

Don't hesitate to contact Susan Botello today. Susan is available for speaking engagements, presentations, and interviews.


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The Ambassador program for the International Mobile Film Festival has been in place since 2012. In 2016, we included SBP team members as part of the Ambassador program.


 Jed Brophy new

Jed Brophy | Special VIP Ambassador International Mobile Film Festival San Diego

We are honored to have Jed Brophy as an Ambassador to the International Mobile Film Festival based in San Diego. Jed Brophy has inspired many in the mobile film community as more filmmakers with a dream to make films share their stories by making films with smartphones. Jed Brophy will be attending the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego #MFF2020SanDiego.

Jed is a well-known accomplished actor in the film and theater industries. Alongside his good friend Mark Hadlow, Jed Brophy was a principal actor in the feature length film Blue Moon, written and directed by Stef Harris. The film was filmed around one single location with a limited budget and shot with the iPhone by Ryan O’Rourke. 

As a big supporter of mobile film and storytelling, Jed has joined our team of ambassadors. You can listen to Jed speak about mobile filmmaking on SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking Epidode 55

Jed Brophy is a film actor from New Zealand. He has appeared in several of Peter Jackson’s films, including Braindead, Heavenly Creatures, The Lord of the Rings film Trilogy, and King Kong. Jed Brophy also appears as the dwarf Nori in The Hobbit films. His son Sadwyn Brophy played Eldarion in Return of the King and other Lord of the Rings films.

Jed Brophy's Website

Follow Jed Brophy on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram and IMDb 


Mark Hadlow Portrait

Mark Hadlow, NZOM (New England Order of Merit) | Special VIP Ambassador International Mobile Film Festival San Diego

It is a great honor to have Mark Hadlow as an Ambassador to the International Mobile Film Festival based in San Diego. Mark is one of the principal actors in the feature length film, Blue Moon. The film inspired many in the mobile filmmaking community with a dream to make movies to use their smartphones as cameras to realize those dreams.

Blue Moon also stars Jed Brophy, with whom Mark Played the dwarf Dori in The Hobbit film Trilogy. The Hobbit was Mark's third Peter Jackson movie. Blue Moon was written and Directed by Stef Harris. Mark’s daughter Olivia, plays a role in the film. Written and directed by Stef Harris, shot with the iPhone by Ryan O’Rourke and edited by Judd Resnick, Blue Moon is fast going viral with the mobile filmmaking community around the world.

Mark has joined our team of ambassadors. You can listen to Mark Hadlow speak about his role in Blue Moon and acting on SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking Episode 59

Mark Hadlow, ONZM, is one of New Zealand's best known actors. He has performed in countless theatre shows throughout New Zealand. Mark has made dozens of film appearances, several television series, commercials and radio voice-overs in the thousands.

He has directed many plays throughout New Zealand, some independent productions and for the Court Theatre in Christchurch.

In Meet the Feebles he voiced Heidi the Hippo and Robert the Hedgehog, and sang many of the songs. King Kong saw him rehearsing and performing the role of Harry in the vaudeville scenes opposite Naomi Watts and Bill Johnson.

The latest Peter Jackson movie just released “Mortal Engines” saw him playing the Auctioneer Stigwood.

Follow Mark Hadlow on Instagram | Twitter and IMDb


  aaron nabus2018 smaller

Aaron Nabus | Brand Ambassador for S. Botello Productions™

Aaron Nabus is Graphic Designer, Brand and Social Media Consultant and Podcaster from San Diego, CA.

From high school, where he was an editorial writer and Photography Editor to his professional career as a Graphic Designer – which included leading multiple design teams across the U.S. as the Design Manager at Autobytel/RPM and OneCommand (where he had a chance to work with large brands such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Hyundai and Infiniti), he has always been fascinated with art, design, user experience, trends and storytelling.

As co-host of the Hall H Show (a comic book and pop culture podcast), he and co-host Alex Benedicto, have become a voice for independent creators and for artists in “artist alley” at various comic conventions. In fact, it was at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, where Aaron first met Susan, at her panel that showcased how smartphone technology has now gotten to a point where anyone in the world with a smartphone, can now make a movie that can be shown on the big screen. All you need is a compelling story!

As a frequent collaborator with Susan and supporter of the growing mobile film movement, Aaron is honored to be a Brand Ambassador for the International Mobile Film Festival.

Ambassador since February 2018


Rich Vizor

Richard Vizor | Brand Ambassador for S. Botello Productions™

Richard Vizor is an Executive Producer based in London, England. Richard “Rich” Vizor has been extremely supportive to the S. Botello Productions™ brand since 2019 and has become a friend to SBP and the mobile filmmaking community using smartphones to make films.

Rich has been a persistent participant in our efforts to expand opportunities for people using smartphones to make films through the SBP brand of programs like International Mobile Film Festival, SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking and our newest platform: Mobile Film Stories, an online film and video streaming distribution and collaboration website.

He has experience working for prestigious corporations including but not limited to, Virgin, Universal Studios, BBC film, Warner Bros, and other film and TV production companies. His skills are grounded in all aspects of corporate management, lean and process application, finance, film studio management, and B2B marketing.

Rich started his career as a runner and worked his way up through being trained as a Studio Manager at the world renowned and prestigious Pinewood studios, the heart of filmmaking in the UK. In the last 15 years he has been an Executive Producer on 15 film, TV and Theatre productions.

Richard Vizor brings his extensive media corporate knowledge and business skills to the team of ambassadors at S. Botello Productions™ based in San Diego, California. 

Find out more about Rich Vizor on LinkedIn® and follow him on Twitter.

Ambassador since December 2020


Quinn Friedman Lead Youth Brand Ambassador

Quinn Friedman | Lead Youth Brand Ambassador for S. Botello Productions™

Quinn Friedman is an empassioned storyteller and filmmaker. His professional acting career as a young child has given him an insight into movie sets and an admiration for the industry. He's been an actor in front of cameras since he was three years-old and now he loves being behind the lens of his iPhone.

At 16, he shot and edited a short film with his iPhone and won the inaugural Rookie Award at the International Mobile Film Festival in April 2022 for his family film, A Boy's Best Friend shot with iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Between March and July he's already made two more short films. He's a passionate voice for mobile filmmaking and at his young age, our film festival recognizes his talent, his skills and his passion and vision for the future of mobile film.

We are honored and proud to welcome him to our SBP Team of Ambassadors for the International Mobile Film Festivan in San Diego! We're thrilled and inspired by your passion for mobile filmmaking. We look forward to sharing the vision through your perspective for the future of smartphone filmmaking.

"I am so honored to be the Lead Youth Brand Ambassador for the International Mobile Film Festival because I really believe everyone can tell their story with smart phones. With my contribution, our team can help influence other kids and teens across the globe to change lives and the world by sharing their story--all with their own personal smart phones."

You can hear his message during a passionate discussion about making movies with smartphones on the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking Episode 124 and read the article.

Follow Quinn Friedman on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok


 Ambassador since July 2022


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