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Distribution Article 07152022

Shooting Feature Films with Smartphones and Distribution

We’re at the cusp of a big shift as creators and consumers. Traditionally, movie audiences demand great stories and great quality production. This is true for theater and online streaming. READ ARTICLE


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Are you making movies with your smartphone camera? We've been celebrating you, are you ready to celebrate your films in San Diego?

International Mobile Film Festival is proud to have the company that built the first anamorphic lens for smartphones as a sponsor.

We have a big announcement about the transformation of our International Mobile Film Festival beginning tonight at midnight!

We are all storytellers on a journey. Each moment is a part of our story. Do we begin with this moment or is this the end? Perhaps, this is the climax of our story. If you are thinking movies, then you are on the right track. This journey is the one that began many years ago and began it's popularity around 2010. 


Judge Panels IMFF 2021

Our Judging Panels are comprised of film industry professionals. Take a look at the amazing judges for 2021's 10th Anniversary Edition of the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, California. This year's theme is "Your Story."