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Exciting News

Film Daily News: The International Mobile Film Festival: Embracing smartphone creators by Frankie Stein | Jan 23, 2020

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Launch of the first streaming platform for mobile films is game changer for emerging industry

Community Stories

In 2009, we launched the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego as a platform for all humans around the world. It was soon after launching, in the same year, that the idea of "Community Stories" was conceived.


All humans are invited to make a movie with mobile phone cameras for the International Mobile Film Festival. Our challenge to make films begins at That's right. We refuse to put an age limit on our film festival criteria. We have invited kids and teens to take part in our film festival since the beginning of time. Okay since the beginning of "our" time in 2009, at least. We'd like to share a few stories about what makes our Youth Film Category special.

Lockdown panel web

The mobile filmmaking panel during the LockDownCon, a virtual conferenece organized by Neal and Jana Hallford of Swords and Circuitry Studios, based in San Diego took place Sunday, June 28, 2020. It was "simulcast" on Facebook and YouTube LIVE Featuring Jed Brophy and Mark Hadlow of "Blue Moon" by Stef Harris and "The Hobbit" by Peter Jackson.


Enlightened and inspired, we are introducing a new category to the 2021 International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego.

With the collaboration of choreographer and soloist filmmaker Jamiel Laurence, we are introducing a unique category to our film festival. Screendance is for dancers using smartphones to choreograph performances for the camera. Using camera movement and style, this category hopes to inspire dancers who perform in front of the camera to team up with a camera person, or more than one, to shoot a story driven performance precisely for the screen.