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Film Daily News: The International Mobile Film Festival: Embracing smartphone creators by Frankie Stein | Jan 23, 2020

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Q&A Session during International Mobile Film Festival on Sunday, April 29, 2018. Photo credit: Dean Curry Photography

Sunshine, San Diego marina with boats, amazing sunsets, great films, workshops, Q&A Sessions, mobile film presentations, awesome people from around the world and inspiration. That was the scene at the 7th edition of the International Mobile Film Festival on April 28 & 29, 2018. The word is that everyone who spent the entire weekend with us loved the experience and being a part of the celebration. The highlights are worth noting along with a few deserving mentions. 

MFF2017 Red Carpet Prep small

It's going to be greater than last year! This year's #MFF2018SanDiego brings about a dozen participating mobile filmmakers to the event in San Diego. We have selected 17 short films to screen during the festival. Filmmakers come from as far as Australia, and some are returning. Speaking of returning, Star Wars Steampunk Universe is returning to again to escort filmmakers on the red carpet before the awards ceremony. They will light up the scene with their unique and awesome costumes. They will also be announcing the new Cosplay Category to promote their stories as films to participate in our film festival, beginning #MFF2019SanDiego. Join us Saturday & Sunday, April 28 & 29 at the Marina Village Conference Center!

About Our First Ambassador to SBP

Vesna Ristovska

S. Botello Productions™ (SBP) had created a number of programs around mobile film over the years as part of our Mobile Film Resource center with our mission in focus: Empowering everyone in the world through filmmaking using the most accessible mobile device, which currently is a mobile phone. Our programs are global as we support mobile film around the world. We support the mobile film industry in its entirety, not just filmmakers. 

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About Aaron Nabus Ambassador to SBP

We are honored to present you with a new ambassador to S. Botello Productions™, Aaron Nabus from San Diego. We continue to expand mobile film to more cultures and communities around the world. SBP has been a pioneer in the smartphone filmmaking industry since early 2009. An idea that we thought about launching in 2005 but decided not to create an online film festival to introduce the idea, instead we decided to wait until the technology was better in order to introduce filmmaking with mobile phones to a big screen traditional venue film festival dedicated to films shot with cell phones. We are now in a world where professional filmmakers are starting to embrace this vision. 

As we appreciate people who support us we are embracing a number of ambassadors to our brand. We feel that Aaron Nabus brings a local and community based representation to SBP and it's programs focused on the mobile filmmaking community. Therefore, we bring Aaron to our Ambassadorship program. 


It's the biggest event in San Diego every summer!

On July 21, 2017 at 6:30PM we presented a Mobile Filmmaking Panel at Comic-Con International 2017 in San Diego, California for the second consecutive year and were pretty stoked to share it with attendees at #SDCC2017. We brought our experience online through our Facebook page and Instagram and we would like to share some here in our News page on our website. Stay tuned, more to come soon! Meantime, in the batcave...