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Film Daily News: The International Mobile Film Festival: Embracing smartphone creators by Frankie Stein | Jan 23, 2020

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Enlightened and inspired, we introduced a new category to the 2021 International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego. For IMFF 2022 this unique Dance Category is one of 12 categories in the newly transformed International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego.

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This summer, S. Botello Productions™ are proud sponsors of a special virtual conference: LockDownCon June 26-28, 2020 created and organized by IMFF sponsors Swords and Circuitry Studios from San Diego. 

Actor Jed Brophy, best known for Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit will be in San Diego for the International Mobile Film Festival in April.

Jed Brophy

Jed Brophy

Jed Brophy, who is best known for The Lord Of The Rings; The Hobbit; King Kong; District 9; and other recognizable films, will be in San Diego for the 9th Annual International Mobile Film Festival in April 2020. Mr. Brophy comes to San Diego as Guest of Honor representing the viral film, Blue Moon.

Virtual IMFF 2020 web 

Events like film festivals are planned throughout the year with deadlines. Most film festivals traditionally take place around the same time every year. The International Mobile Film Festival has consistently taken place every year during the last weekend of April. IMFF 2020 was the 9th year of the event. It was set to be a very cool event and was ready to go as scheduled April 24-26, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Then, as someone put it, a huge wrench was thrown in the middle of it at the last minute and disrupted all the plans that we had worked so hard to organize. The wrench's name? COVID-19.

International Mobile Film Festival San Diego Red Carpet

Photo: Susy Botello

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