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Presenting the 13th Annual Edition of the world’s pioneer International Mobile Film Festival based in San Diego, California.

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We are honored to present the following films at the 13th Annual Edition of the world’s pioneer International Mobile Film Festival based in San Diego, California.

International Mobile Film Festival’s 13th Edition took place in San Diego April 26, 27 & 28, 2024.

Movie Theater Massacre

Length: 01:12:00
Ian Courtney
A group of employees are working their last week at a movie theater that is going out of business when a mysterious figure begins to murder people.
iPhone 12 Pro
Detroit, Michigan
Writer, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Ian Courtney

Cast: Jalen Wilson-Nelem, Adam DeFilippi, Caitlin Cavannaugh, LeJon Woods, Jessie Carl
Attending in person.

A Long Afternoon

Length: 01:28:23
Sohibanoo Zolghadr
Maryam has been separated from her husband. She and he created engraving software. On this long afternoon, the program is to be sold. But the lure of money left them and her friends wanting a piece of it. The film was shot in one take with an iPhone. “We practiced sequence design for over a month, and when I tried to start, almost everyone said it was impossible. But I knew that with hard work and determination, we could do it." 
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
Tehran, Iran
Director, Producer: Sohibanoo Zolghadr
Writer: Siamak Ahmadi
Director of Photography: Ja’Far Aslani
Cast: Zahra Behrouzmanesh, Amin Moazen, Azadeh Karami, Marjan Mottaghi, Ehsan Moussavi, Elias Ghodsi
Sound: Ghader Ghaderi, Amir Hossein Sadeghi
Music: Siavash Heydari, Ali Sadr
Attending in person.

Our Trespasses

Length: 9:57
Rick Cerda
A rebellious young Erica has an egocentric attitude, breaking boundaries without regard. “Um, Erica” (America) experiences a rude awakening and must learn empathy and forgiveness before her attitude alienates her in this melting pot story of assimilating characters and their all too common struggles. 
Apple iPhone 10 Max 
Killeen, Texas
Written, Directed and Produced by Rick Cerda 
Co-Producers, Jesse Cerda & Marla Makley-Alden 
Assistant Director, Peter Truong
Attending in person.


Length: 10:00
Jonathan Lagudi, Laura Brogan Browne
Three friends try to pull off the most audacious and idiotic heist in recent history: robbing their own workplace. 
iPhone 12 
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 
Director: Jonathan Lagudi & Laura Brogan Browne
Writer: Jonathan Lagudi & Bailey Spalding
Producers: Jonathan Lagudi, Bailey Spalding & Lachlan Stevenson Production Company: Gracetown Studios
Key cast: Jonathan Lagudi, Bailey Spalding, Kyle Barrett

The Other 90 Percent

Length: 10:00
Alexandra Guillossou
A look at how secondary progressive affects one of the 90 percent of people afflicted with MS who will get it. 
iPhone 8, XR, 12 pro max 
St. Louis, Missouri
Director, Editor, Colorist, DP: Alexandra Guillossou 
Featuring: Darlene Ghosh
Music provided by: Storyblocks 

Congratulations to all the contestants!

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