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April 27 & 28, 2019

Marina Village Conference Center

1936 Quivira Way, San Diego, California 92109


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Amazing film festival. Excellent communication in the lead-up. If you're lucky enough to attend, organizer Susy Botello will go out of her way to make sure you have the best film festival experience you could ever expect. Features include great workshops, taking part in filmmaker Q&As, and ample networking opportunities. Susy is a true champion of the smartphone filmmaking community. Don't hesitate to enter! - May 2018 Brian Hennings

This is the best film festival I ever attended in person. 
Film makers are well treated. 
Susy is a great human being. 
Everyone are super friendly. 
I had a blast attending the film festival screening and award functions. 
RED CARPET treatment of filmmakers is a grand finale! - May 2018 Prakash Natarajan

Simply the best. Festival Director Susy goes above and beyond to make filmmakers feels special and valued. Highly recommend this film festival. Attended the weekend long festival in April in San Diego which included screenings, workshops/lectures and a red carpet award ceremony. Will forever remember the experience and taking home third place for my film 'The Actor', many thanks! - May 2018 Narelle Nash


Want to support people of all ages all over the world? We provide a platform and a voice to mobile filmmakers. If you would like to sponsor, we urge you to contact us.

Every year our film festival grows. Our slogan is The red carpet is in your pocket!™

We are pioneers in the mobile film industry helping people of all ages, from many places around the world realize dreams since 2009 from a vision after 9/11.

Anyone can support our ongoing mobile film industry projects, including the film festival and podcast on Patreon and receive exclusive benefits.


About Us

A platform for mobile film story tellers from everywhere in the world is in San Diego giving a voice to the individual through the technology available to almost anyone anywhere in the world: Mobile cell and Smartphones.

Your sponsorship would enable these programs to thrive and provide a global platform where everyone has a voice through film and the novice and experienced filmmakers around the world can get a foot into the door of the film industry by showcasing their skills and talents by using their phones' cameras to capture their footage. We open the door to the world of filmmaking through the creativity of the technology in mobile phones. 

The world's official International Mobile Film Festival is a pioneer in the smartphone filmmaking industry. Only films shot with mobile phones qualify to participate in our film festival. The live venue film festival takes place during the last weekend in April annually.

Participating filmmakers from all over the world attend the festival in San Diego to screen their smartphone films as we present them on a big screen, they participate in Q&A Sessions, walk the red carpet during the Awards Ceremony, network and join us to celebrate smartphone mobile filmmaking around the world in America's Finest City.




We proudly present the Mobile Feature Film Contestants for #MFF2019SanDiego. The filmmakers will be in attendance.

Screening in San Diego's International Mobile Film Festival 2019 are the selected full length feature films:

Mad House by Ross Perkins from Australia & Consensus Reality by Steven Peterson from Los Angeles 


Mad House: Dale Mortimer is a successful businessman, with a wife and daughter. His happy home life is destroyed when three junkies use Dales smartphone to use his personal information against him and hold his family hostage. 1 hour 23 minutes. Join Ross Perkins and watch Mad House during #MFF2019SanDiego.

     Mad House web           Ross Perkins headshot crop



Consensus Reality: A schizophrenic architect must embrace his madness in order to uncover the secrets of New York and prevent the Demiurge, an ancient Gnostic god that's imprisoned beneath the city, from escaping. 1 hour 22 minutes. Meet Steve Peterson and watch Consensus Reality during #MFF2019SanDiego.

IMFF Consensus Reality Poster Web version
                              Steve Peterson





Special Guest Speaker Presentations

Our mobile film community network program #MobilizeStories presents the International Mobile Film Festival 2019 Guest Speaker Presentations focused on Stories.


Special Guest Speaker | CK Goldiing - Sheffield, United Kingdom

Straight through the heart of storytelling using his smartphone camera, CK Goldiing was given a challenge. Hug 61 strangers between two locations. 61 Hugs is a film which has garnered media attention and moved everyone who watches it. We are honored that CK will be flying in from the UK to San Diego to present his film and an inspiring talk with attending filmmakers and attendees with 61 Hugs. He shot his film using an Android smartphone. Don't miss it during #MFF2019SanDiego.

    61 HUGS OFFICIAL FILM POSTER   CK GOLDIING Press Image 001 web  


Special Guest Speaker | John Woosley - Kansas City, Missouri 

Stories can have a big influence on our emotions. Join filmmaker John Woosley for a special screening of his film Alex & The Firefly which he shot and edited with an iPhone. The story was originally 34 minutes long but he's cut a 15 minute version exclusively to share during #MFF2019SanDiego and present a Q&A session where you can learn how to create a cinematic film using your iPhone. Alex & The Firefly is a teen romance, "First love changes everything." As an experienced filmmaker, John accepted the challenge head on with the mind-set of a professional filmmaker. Filmmakers and attendees will learn about pre-production, production and post-production in this powerful presentation by John Woosley.

A bit about John’s background: John Woosley (Writer/Director, Alex & The Firefly)- John has been making films for over ten years and holds a degree in Film & Theater from The University of Kansas. While attending, John studied with Kevin Willmott (Writer, BlacKkKlansman) and directed his debut feature Angel of Music. Additional credits include Loves Fate and the web series Fit Trip with Kimber Westphall. All titles can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. John holds an MBA from the University of Missouri in Kansas City and works in management consulting.

Don't miss it during #MFF2019SanDiego.


     Alex and the Firefly Final Poster smaller                            John Woosley



Stay tuned for more coming soon! 



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IMFF 2019 Sponsors: 

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Our Mission

The purpose of our mobile film festival is not only to create interest and spark creativity in people of all ages with limited income or resources, but to actually inspire creative filmmakers to live to their potential and realize the opportunity to fulfill their dream. ​The International Mobil Film Festival™ is for everyone! All ages welcome.

Imagine that you are on the red carpet in our film festival with a famous director like Steven Spielberg who shot a film with a mobile phone as well! We provide a venue for all humans to make a mobile film regardless of experience. This is an equal arena for all filmmakers all around the world, famous and not so famous alike. The competition is on! This is your time to shine on the red carpet! All things being equal...



 Judges for MFF2019SanDiego

Judge Panels for IMFF 2019

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Back in Time

Check out some films from previous festivals below.

Captain Justice (Capitan Justicia) - David Muñoz from Barcelona, Spain shot this fun superhero movie with both the iPhone 4 & Sony Ericsson Xperia. 

Wow Mom - RoseAnn Votel Sky and her children, from San Diego, California star in this short film shot with an iPhone 4, edited on iMovie and with audio created using GarageBand. Read about how it was made from a Mom's perspective! Mom and Kids Walk the Red Carpet in San DIego

The Girl with the Red Balloon - Nathalie Giraud & Timothée Corteggiani from Paris, France shot this short film with an iPhone 4S.

Trapped! - Gregory W. Armstrong & Alise Anderson from Berkley, California shot their film with an iPhone 4s and also used iMovie and GarageBand to complete their production. Alise created the characters in the film as well!

Normal Wheels - Milad Kasaian from Tehran, Iran shot this film with a Samsung Galaxy S4. It was a big hit during one of our festivals and very creative. 

Glen Etive - Laura Birek from Los Angeles, California shot this film using an iPhone 5 and proves magic is real. 




Congratulations to Winners from #MFF2018SanDiego!

Some winners of #MFF2018SanDiego received nominations for the Global Mobile Film Awards™ 2018

GMFA logo Final 

The "Oscars" of the mobile film industry, Global Mobile Film Awards™ takes place online November & December with a show and awards ceremony.

GMFA Members for 2018 are Heartland Films' Indy Shorts International Film Festival, Indianapolis, Indiana | Cinephone International Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain | SF3 Smartphone Flick Fest, Sydney, Australia | International Mobile Film Festival, San Diego, California

Congratulations to Winner of Best Cinematography by Global Mobile Film Awards™ 2018:

Focus - Best Cinematography by Brian Hennings from Perth, Australia


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