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This is not a directory of festivals or organizations in mobile film. We do our best to only partner with festivals who are professional and follow and practice a code of conduct and ethics.

The support of our sponsors enable us to provide our programs to the mobile filmmaking industry which include, and are not limited to, the International Mobile Film Festival. 

We share support with Collaborative Partners to benefit the mobile filmmaking industry by supporting mobile filmmakers all around the world.

We do not share private identifying data, emails or private information about our visitors or our interactions with individuals with either our partners or sponsors. We respect your privacy.

If you would like to be involved and become a sponsor or collaborative partner, please contact us today. 

We are sponsored by Indiana Filmmakers Network, a 501(c)3 organization which can provide a tax deductible receipt for your donation upon qualifying verification.

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Swords & Circuitry Studios | San Diego, USA | SPONSOR

Swords & Circuitry Studios is a multimedia development company based in sunny San Diego, California, specializing in the development of entertainment properties for television, film, radio, the web, computer gaming, comics and other publishing outlets. Founded in 2001 by Executive Producers Neal Hallford and Jana Hallford, it began as a publishing service for their joint writing efforts, but has since grown into a broader entertainment entity with numerous internally and externally produced projects currently in development. OFFICIAL SPONSOR IMFF 2020

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Red Giant Software | Beaverton, Oregon, USA | SPONSOR

Simple Tools, Giant Results!

At Red Giant, we make tools, films and training to enrich the community of filmmakers and motion designers. For our own award-winning short films, we create new software to fill our needs. Then we make those products available for everyone else, helping artists create the perfect look that matches their story. Red Giant develops tools that make the filmmaking process faster, more secure, more accurate and just more fun. For over 10 years, we have built software for motion design, color correction, visual effects and photography that is used for everything from major motion pictures to worldwide television programming to web production.

International Mobil Film Festival™ is honored for Red Giant's continued sponsorship since our inaugural IMFF 2012. OFFICIAL SPONSOR IMFF2020

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Indiana Filmmakers Network, Inc. | Indiana, USA | FISCAL SPONSOR

Indiana Filmmakers Network Inc. is a 501(c)3 educational charitable organization connecting and empowering creatives throughout Indiana, embracing all aspects of film, theater, media, and the arts. IFN Inc. works to bring together Hoosiers, to see their creative visions become reality by providing them with the knowledge, resources, and connections that they need. IFN Inc. is currently establishing new educational workshops, job readiness skills, STEAM and accelerator programming, as well as study abroad programs such as the Summer Media Studio in Lithuania. IFN Inc. is continually building affiliations, partnerships, and sponsorships. IFN Inc. has multiple hubs across Indiana, each featuring free monthly meetings open to the public.

Indiana Filmmakers Network has partnered with the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego and #MobilizeStories Community Network Program to connect and introduce filmmakers in Indiana to filmmaking using smartphone cameras. President Nathan Bechtold was in San Diego during IMFF 2019. OFFICIAL SPONSOR IMFF 2020

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FilmConvert | New Zealand | SPONSOR

We believe Filmmaking should be enhanced by technology, leaving no limitations! So we're giving the power back to the filmmaker by providing software that delivers beautiful colors, leaving you to create beautiful stories. 

FilmConvert enables you to add film color & grain to your video in a few simple clicks. With a range of market-leading cameras profiled, you can achieve precise, industry leading results even under the tightest deadline. OFFICIAL SPONSOR IMFF 2020

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Star Wars Steampunk Universe | SPONSOR

Beginning with IMFF 2017 we have included the Star Wars Steampunk Universe in our Red Carpet Extravaganza! to escort the participating filmmakers from our film festival unto the red carpet before moving on to the Awards Ceremony which follows. Star Wars Steampunk Universe is a celebrity group based in San Diego which takes part in charities and events in southern California. Their unique awe-mazing costumes are a delight to attendees of all ages from young children to the eldest adults alike. 

San Diego's International Mobile Film Festival is honored to include them in our global event each year. Filmmakers who come from different countries around the world for the festival each spring are awarded with the experience of being escorted by members from this celebrity cosplay group adding star sparkle to their experience. OFFICIAL SPONSOR IMFF 2020

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