Join attendees and filmmakers during the 11th edition of the San Diego International Mobile Film Festival April 29, 30 & May 1, 2022 to learn mobile iPhone filmmaking with the multi award winning mobile feature filmmakers Ryan and Brandie McDonald.

All the way from Ogden, Utah to San Diego, California! Ryan and Brandie McDonald's feature length film screened in the 2020 Feature Film Competition in the IMFF 2020 edition. They have been winning awards for their feature film shot with an indie filmmaking crew of professionals. Their film was shot with an iPhone and is on Amazon Prime. 

The San Diego Mobile Film School provides hands-on workshops and master classes on mobile filmmaking in person. Each year, the school (not accredited) provides a workshop during our film festival. View the full program schedule and get your tickets. Space is limited.

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Ryan is an actor and filmmaker who has spent years in front and behind the camera. His feature film was a production from a screenplay he wrote a few years before which he finally realized when he made the decision to shoot the film with his iPhone. Some things are just meant to be, aren't they? His film has won awards and is now streaming on Amazon. 

Brandie also decided to make a short film for the IMFF 2021 edition and has been successful with that film. 

Ryan and Brandie discussed their experience making their feature mobile film, Married and Loving It! in the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking's episode 77 in April 2020. You can also read about it in the Smartphone Filmmaking publication.

Your ticket to the 11th edition of the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego includes this hands-on workshop. Don't miss it. Come for the workshop, stay for the festival and be inspired.


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