Judge Panels IMFF 2022

Our Judging Panels are comprised of industry professionals. Great care was taken to select the judges for 2022's 11th Edition and the newly transformed International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, California. This year's theme is...Stay Tuned!

Judges agree to our professional standards policy in order to select the best films.

There are two competitions: Mobile Feature Film & Mobile Short Film. Each competition has its own panel of judges.

The Best Feature Film Award will be given to one narrative film by the Mobile Feature Film Judges.

Three Awards: First, Second, and Third Prize will be given to the best short films from all genres by the Mobile Short Film Judges.

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We are honored to introduce you to the judges for IMFF 2022:

Feature Film Judges: Jennifer Zhang | Errol Trotman Harewood | Randy Davison | Steven Palmer Peterson

Short Film Judges: Maxim Mussel | Ant Pruitt | Ross Perkins | Robert David Duncan | Kimberley Hart


IMFF 2022 is the 11th Annual Edition of the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego. As is our tradition, the festival takes place during the last weekend in April 29, 30 & May 1, 2022. #MFF2022SanDiego #MobileFilmSD

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Mobile Feature Film Judges

 Jennifer Zhang by McCall Jones web

Photo credit: McCall Jones

Jennifer Zhang | Actor & Filmmaker | Los Angeles, California

Jennifer Zhang is an Asian American screenwriter and filmmaker whose debut feature The Evil Inside sold worldwide after a successful festival run where the film picked up "Best Narrative Feature" and "Best Screenplay" awards. Her recent feature film Charon — shot entirely under Covid lockdown — garnered nearly a dozen festival wins, international buzz, and has recently been picked up for distribution by Summer Hill Entertainment.

She is currently in active development and production on a number of independent features and shorts, among which are “Fetish” directed by Rhian Williams, “Autopilot” to which rising stars cinematographer Daphne Wu and lead actress Gina Su are attached, and the forthcoming supernatural thriller Angela. She is represented by Larry Robinson, president of Los Angeles/UK-based international management company, Avatar Entertainment.

"It's such an honor to be a judge for a competition that is decidedly on the cutting edge, with contestants that are way ahead of the curve when it comes to the future of storytelling. I can't wait to watch these films!" Jennifer Zhang



 Errol Trotman web

Photo credit: Jan Gessler

Errol Trotman Harewood | Actor | Berlin, Germany

Errol Trotman Harewood, a born British native of Guyana, South America, developed a passion for the arts very early in life. His playing of an instrument began at age nine as a drummer in the local Junior Band.

On leaving the British Army, Errol resided in Bremen, Germany and continued as a working artist. Whilst directing big bands, he additionally co-founded ensembles whilst playing varied styles from jazz and R&B, to funk, blues, Chamber and Church music, but also avant-guard music.

Errol's dream transformed when he was discovered by Siemen Ruehaak a reputable theatre director who directed collectively with fellow Theatre director Renate Wulf, his debut lead role as Alboury the protagonist in B.M. Coltes political drama - BLACKS BATTLES WITH DOGS. [1992] "It was a grueling but a life changing experience," he says. "One that I will always treasure." Since his debut as a theatre actor Errol has performed in a vast variety of stage performances from Rock Opera to Musicals, also Television roles in Germany and far abroad, diverse and challenging in its varied character demands.

His break into films came in 1998 in the action thriller Straight Shooter. This also was the director’s debut - Thomas Bohn. His diversity as a character actor has taken him to diverse and remarkable places; South Africa, Morocco, London, Tenerife, Moscow, amongst a variety of roles; a Touareg Guard, Cowboy, Head scientist, a blind assailant, Head of Security Forces in Kurdistan, Military Commander in Sardinia, Chief Justice for the International Tribunal of the Laws of the Seas, of which he treasures as a performing artist never to abandon.

 Through the years’ experience (30 years next year) as an actor Errol has coached, tended to acting workshops but also mentored actors perusing an active career in the film & Television industry. Of his specialties, Camera acting and depth is favoured by many.

Errol played the leading role of the world premiere of a new Frank Sinatra Bioplay entitled Frank Sinatra...a musical journey. Seen through the eyes of his valet of 15 years.

 He resides in Berlin Germany, the heart of Europe.

"At first, being asked to participate in Judging a film festival was indeed a great honour, but it became more of just an honour as this is not just any film festival but the unique "International Mobilphone Film Festival" of San Diego which is now a landmark on the film industry stage/platform. The participants - artists, have greatly contributed to the world exclusively of storytelling with this new media art form -  The International Mobilphone Film Festival created by the great Founder & Director Susy Botello. Thank you Susy for gifting the world a unique new genre in film storytelling." Errol Trotman Harewood



Randy Davison web

Photo credit: Deidhra Fahey Photography

Randy Davison | Actor | San Diego, California

Originally from Idaho, Randy traded potatoes for palm trees and high-tailed it to Los Angeles to hone his craft as an actor. After receiving a BA in Theatre Arts from Boise State University in 1997, he then continued his studies in L.A. with The Stella Adler Theatre and The Atlantic Theatre Company. In addition to numerous commercials, voice-overs, films, and television work, he has appeared in several plays, including the world premiere of "Drop" which made its debut at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and co-starred with "Glee's" Jayma Mays in "The Ruling Class" with The National American Shakespeare Company at The Knightsbridge Theatre in Los Angeles.

Most recently, he was humbled to have a role in the 2021 Oscar winning film, "Mank" directed by David Fincher, as the Maître D of the legendary Hollywood Trocadero and as the infamous Senator Joseph McCarthy in the Oscar nominated, "The United States vs Billie Holiday" directed by Lee Daniels.

"I am very excited to be a judge for this year's International Mobile Film Festival and really looking forward to seeing the creative and inventive films sent from filmmakers all over the world." Randy Davison



Steven Palmer Peterson IMFF Judge 2022 web

Steven Palmer Peterson | Screenwriter | Los Angeles, California

Despite growing up in Los Angeles, Steve Peterson did not see any movie stars until he left the state. After high school he joined the army, where he served at Fort Benning, Georgia, did two tours on the demilitarized zone in South Korea, and served in the OPFOR at Fort Irwin's National Training Center. After leaving the army he realized that sitting in a classroom wasn’t so tedious after all and studied philosophy at UCLA, USC, and Rutgers University.

He specialized in philosophy of science—which has actually figured prominently in several of his screenplays: such as testing the limits of what can be sentient, self-consistent accounts of closed time-like loops, and the intersection of many worlds theory and Gödel's incompleteness theorem. That philosophical training makes Steve perhaps the only person in the world who actually went with a less risky career choice when he switched to screenwriting.

Steve has written 16 films in a variety of genres, including family, comedy, horror, thriller, and science fiction.

"I am very excited to be a judge for this year's International Mobile Film Festival and really looking forward to seeing the creative and inventive films sent from filmmakers all over the world." Steven Palmer Peterson



Mobile Short Film Judges


Max Mussel IMFF 2022 Judge Panel

Maxim Mussel | Filmmaker & Author | Moscow, Russia

Maxim Mussel is a director, producer and filmmaking teacher. Maxim is the author of the book, "Mobile Filmmaking: 100 steps to making a movie with your smartphone." Maxim has become an influential voice in Russia with regard to the global smartphone filmmaking community. He is the founder and director of the Mobile Filmmaker's International Festival based in Moscow.

"It is a great honor and an important symbol for me to be a member of the festival jury. Eight years ago I got into mobile filmmaking and won one of the San Diego International Mobile Film Festival prizes. From that moment on, my career began, first as a director and then as a producer. I am sincerely happy to discover new names and give them a successful start, just like it happened to me." Maxim Mussel



Ant Pruitt

Ant Pruitt | Content Creator & Influencer | California

Ant Pruitt is a technology professional-turned photographer, videographer, and content creator. Born and raised in South Carolina, Ant was an enterprise IT professional for more than ten years in North Carolina where he spent most of his adult life. Ant eventually turned his creativity into a small business, providing writing, photography, video, and post-production services. He handled a range of assignments, including portraits, event photography, social media marketing, and interview videos. In addition to managing his personal brand and social channels, he also hosts a photography podcast, Hands-On Photography, he developed for TWiT TV.

"It's an honor and pleasure to be a judge for the mobile film festival. It's great seeing how creators continue to push the boundaries of mobile film devices to create stellar, cinematic stories." Ant Pruitt



Ross Perkins IMFF

Ross Perkins | Actor & Filmmaker | Sydney, Australia

Ross Perkins studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Los Angeles and has since appeared any multiple feature, short film and theatre productions. Ross graduated from the University of New England earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre Studies and Communications. Ross then continued to study acting at “The Method Studio” in London.

Upon arriving back in Sydney, he has worked on feature film projects such as "Hacksaw Ridge", “Teenage Kicks" "Ruben Guthrie" and multiple independent feature films. He has also appeared in numerous short films and theatre productions such a "Equus" "To Kill a Mocking Bird", "Romeo and Juliet." And he recently completed filming his first feature film “MAD HOUSE” he wrote and directed.

Small, convenient, inconspicuous - the smartphone is a filmmaker's dream that fits right in your top pocket. The stories are limitless and the technology keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to see all the amazing stories  this incredible technology can create. - Ross Perkins

IMDb | Website



Robert David Duncan IMFF Judge

Robert David Duncan | Actor & Filmmaker | Vancouver, Canada

Robert David Duncan is an actor, filmmaker and multimedia artist based in Vancouver, Canada. Known for his work in micro short films, he has recently been exploring meaningful themes through collections of interlinking films that combine to create story worlds, such as the "Spinoza Hotel" and the "Seeker and Artist" collections. A smartphone remains his tool of choice for filming, and he has won a number of awards for his work.

It is totally a thrill for me to be a judge at the IMFF 2022, since this is where it all began for me in 2015, when I got to see my film "Mr. Sadheart's Small Day" on the big screen! That was the first time I attended a film festival as a filmmaker, and it was awesome to be a part of it, meeting all these cool people, being on the panel discussions and more. I'm so happy for everyone who will be a part of this year's festival because I know what an important moment it is in each filmmaker's life! - Robert David Duncan

IMDb | Udemy


Kimberley Hart IMFF

Kimberley Hart | Producer & Creative | Sydney, Australia & New Zealand

Kimberley grew up in small-town New Zealand with a love affair for Filmmaking, inspired by the likes of Jane Campion, Peter Jackson and Taika Waititi. Kimberley moved to Sydney Australia in 2008 to pursue her film career. Kimberley has worked in the Film/TV/Theatre Industry since 2011, behind the scenes in Film, TV & Theatre.

It was mostly as a Costumier/Art Finisher for The Sydney Opera House and Baz Luhrmann's stage show 'Strictly Ballroom', she really honed her skills. It wasn't until she came across the film partnership with the Director Ross Perkins, as the Producer on the set of 'Mad House', her filmmaking really came into fruition. With this true horror feature, filmed entirely on an iPhone, 'Mad House' won awards, such as 'Best Feature' at the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego 2019, 'Best Director', 'Best Actors' at the Global Mobile Awards 2019. The film has received nominations in other festivals.

During filming of 'Mad House', Kimberley also founded the Film Collaborative Company: Monkey Mansion Productions, which supports and encourages aspiring Filmmakers and Creatives.

Some of Kimberley's work in Costume and Wardrobe includes “The Great Gatsby” (2013) with Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Joel Edgerton.

"I feel absolutely honoured to be chosen to judge the 2022 International Mobile Film Festival San Diego - Short Film Awards. The films that came out of 2021 IMFF were magnificent and I am So Excited to see what happens this year. Getting my popcorn ready!" - Kimberley Hart



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