International Mobile Film Festival is proud to have the company that built the first anamorphic lens for smartphones as a sponsor.

The movie that brought filmmaking using smartphone cameras to the forefront of the film industry was Sean Baker's, Tangerine. He used the iPhone 5s with the Moondog Labs anamorphic lens. The feature film shocked the audience during the Sundance Film Festival.

At the end of the screening of Tangerine, everyone who watched the end credits was informed the entire film had been shot using an iPhone. It received major media attention because of the success of the film. It was then picked up by Magnolia Pictures for distribution in theaters and later on streaming services like Netflix.

In September 2019, Moondog Labs founders Julie Gerstenberger and Scott Cahall shared their story, and how MDL became pioneers in the mobile smartphone filmmaking movement in the SBP Podcast episode 66.

Moondog Labs is a new sponsor to San Diego's International Mobile Film Festival which is now on its 11th annual edition taking place April 29-May 1, 2022.

As a global pioneer film festival that launched in the Spring 2009, the festival brand International Mobil Film Festival™ has connected an international community of filmmakers from around the world through its celebratory festival events in San Diego.

Filmmakers have come to San Diego to participate from countries like Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Italy, Chile, Canada, Germany, and more. Other filmmakers and participants come from other states from New York, Indiana, Missouri, California and some local San Diego county as well.

The festival was the first to introduce a dedicated competition for feature length films shot with smartphone cameras for narrative films in 2016. In 2021, the short film competition included a screening of 50 short films and three feature films online with the first streaming service for smartphone films, Mobile Film Stories.

"Having Moondog Labs as a sponsor for our film festival is a real honor for us. During the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking, which I host, I have spoken to countless filmmakers who share that it was Tangerine that inspired them to make films using iPhone cameras. We are delighted to include them in this year's festival in San Diego." Said Susy Botello, IMFF founder and director.

"Until recently, anamorphic capture was available only to professionals with tens of thousands of dollars to spend on lenses. In 2014, Moondog Labs recognized the opportunity created by improvements in mobile device cameras, and created the first affordable anamorphic lens. We brought this high-end, organic cinema look to all filmmakers and photographers - because all filmmakers deserve great glass." Moondog Labs.

“In the past you could change the film stock to get a different look. Now, you can change the lens to get a different look. And you could do that before but it’s become one of the more primary levers now, I would say than, I mean, you don’t swap out a sensor in your camera. But you can swap out a lens.” Scott Cahall, Co-Founder, Moondog Labs on the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking.

Other sponsors of the festival #MFF2022SanDiego also include: FilmConvert, Engraving Pros, Star Wars Steampunk Universe, Swords and Circuitry Studios, Kid Comics & Hall H Show Podcast. The unique festival takes place at Marina Village Conference Center will have an online version after the planned in-person event, April 29 thru May 1, 2022.

IMFF includes screening the films with the attending filmmakers, workshops, presentations, Q & A Panels, an Awards Ceremony, and its unique Red Carpet Extravaganza sponsored by the Star Wars Steampunk Universe group.

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Film submissions for 2022 now closed. Will reopen June19, 2022 for IMFF 2023 the 12th Edition. Submit on FilmFreeway. More information about the festival is available on its website.

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