All humans are invited to make a movie with mobile phone cameras for the International Mobile Film Festival. Our challenge to make films begins at That's right. We refuse to put an age limit on our film festival criteria. We have invited kids and teens to take part in our film festival since the beginning of time. Okay since the beginning of "our" time in 2009, at least. We'd like to share a few stories about what makes our Youth Film Category special.

Can you, will you--believe our inaugural film festival screened a movie that involved a Mom and her kids? "Wow, Mom!" Filmmaker, RoseAnne Votel Sky made the film with a neighbor and friend, Charley Miller. Two of her kids, Katia and Quintin were quite young when they starred in the family-made-for-family short mobile film.

MFF2012 Group Website 042912

IMFF 2012 group shot with filmmakers: RoseAnne and Charley (second and third from right top row) and Quintin and Katia (front center).

The film was shot with iPhone, used Garageband for music, sound effects and voiceover, and iMovie as the editor. The best part for our film festival was having the family share their weekend at our film festival watching their film with an audience, being part of a Q&A session, meeting other filmmakers, playing a scavenger hunt QR Code game, and finally, enjoying the awards ceremony and the walk on the red carpet. We made a big deal about that! 

We have been promoting kids make movies using smartphone  cameras for years. Then, it was 2017, when one of the filmmakers from 2016's daughters was inspired to try making a movie for our festival. She and her Dad ended up in the short film competition with each film screening in the festival. Miranda Mullings had just turned 11 years-old before coming to the festival with her Dad, Anthony De La Cruz.

Miranda Mullings MFF2017 Website

IMFF 2017: Miranda Mullings 11 years-old with her father, Anthony De La Cruz during Q & A Panel.

Oh, but there is one more recent story we need to share. In 2019's IMFF a family came to screen their film, and Dad shot it with his wife and daughter starring in the film.

They made a big scene on the red carpet and caused a huge rukus and they made history in what could perhaps be one of the most incredible red carpet poses in any film festival. But they submitted a new film, this time a musical, for IMFF 2020 and they won third prize! We believe and we preach it, that a family that makes a film together bonds well.

Loparev RC IMFF2019 Website

IMFF 2019: Loparev Family during the Red Carpet Extravaganza with Dude Vader of Star Wars Steampunk Universe.

Of course, our film category is for youth ages 0-17, however, a family film is highly encouraged if your kids are in control. And why not? Let your kids or teenagers direct the film and share a great story...there are some challenges in filmmaking which can make the bonding experience extraordinary. But imagine that instead of complaining about time with the smartphone, the phone becomes the tool that brings your family together.

Oleg Loparev Award Website 052720

IMFF 2020: Loparev Family with Third Place Award Trophy. All Smiles.

The 2021 Edition #MFF2022SanDiego is the 11th year edition of the San Diego International Mobile Film Festival since we held the first live event in 2012.

We are very proud to have never skipped a beat. Even though the 2020 & 2021 editions were online. In 2020 we had to quickly shift gears in March to create a virtual event in April. But we were able to make our deadline to stay on schedule!

Submissions for the 2022 Youth Film - Short Film Competition opens June 19, 2021. Deadlines vary for Short Film Competition and Feature Film Competition. Get the details on FilmFreeway. Don't let it go by and miss this one...add it to your calendars now.

Find out about our new festival transformation beginning with IMFF 2022.

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