Enlightened and inspired, we introduced a new category to the 2021 International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego. For IMFF 2022 this unique Dance Category is one of 12 categories in the newly transformed International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego.

With the collaboration of choreographer and soloist filmmaker Jamiel Laurence, we are introducing a unique category to our film festival. Screendance is for dancers using smartphones to choreograph performances for the camera. Using camera movement and style, this category hopes to inspire dancers who perform in front of the camera to team up with a camera person, or more than one, to shoot a story driven performance precisely for the screen.

Screendance came from a conversation between Jamiel Laurence and festival founder Susy Botello. Jamiel Laurence won the Second Prize Award in the Short Film Competition in the 2020 edition of IMFF.

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"The universal language of dance has always held a special place when being performed in the realm of cinematic capture. Fred Astaire once said "Either the Camera will Dance, or I will" and this really captures the essence of the synergy between dance, choreography and filmmaking. With the rise in popularity and easy access to mobile filmmaking technologies, choreographers are naturally finding new and exciting ways to evolve dance alongside developing mobile form factor stabilisation and affordable lenses & filters. The International Mobile Film Festival is a welcoming group of like minded creatives, and the ideal place to have your Screendance work seen by new audiences and industry professionals alike." — Jamiel Laurence | Dancer. Choreographer. Filmmaker.

Our goal is to challenge more filmmakers to give attention to their camera framing and movement as part of the story. The collaboration between camera and director can be seen in many films as described by Jamiel Laurence in many films which feature characters in dance performances.

We feel that the light and compact design of the smartphone camera is ideal to enable filmmakers to move freely and capture their subjects creating a cinematic effect. The interaction between the dancer and the camera is directly correlated to the experience of the viewer and is effective application for storytelling in mobile film.

We look forward to all the unique films which will be a part of #MFF2022SanDiego. We are passionate about our global platform open to all humans who would like to participate using smartphones.

Our festival has transformed itself beginning with IMFF 2022 and you can read all about it here.

Submissions opened June 19, 2021 for the Feature Film Competition and the Short Film Competition. You can find out more on our website with all the details and rules. Deadlines vary according to either feature film competition or short film competition.

We've made sure to include this unique dance category in our newly transformed film festival as part of the 12 categories you can submit to. 

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Listen to the conversation between Jamiel Laurence and Susy Botello on the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking Episode 80


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