Actor Jed Brophy, best known for Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit will be in San Diego for the International Mobile Film Festival in April.

Jed Brophy

Jed Brophy

Jed Brophy, who is best known for The Lord Of The Rings; The Hobbit; King Kong; District 9; and other recognizable films, will be in San Diego for the 9th Annual International Mobile Film Festival in April 2020. Mr. Brophy comes to San Diego as Guest of Honor representing the viral film, Blue Moon.

Blue Moon was written and directed by Stef Harris. Blue Moon stars Jed Brophy and Mark Hadlow of The Hobbit fame. Mr. Brophy and Mr. Hadlow are best known for their roles in the Hobbit trilogy as Nori and Dori.

Jed Brophy and Mark Hadlow are Ambassadors to the International Mobile Film Festival based in San Diego. They inspired mobile filmmakers around the world to use their smartphone cameras to make feature films. Blue Moon, will be presented as a non-competing film with a Q&A presented by Jed Brophy, in person.

“I’m so very excited to be able to bring you our Feature Film Blue Moon to the 2020 San Diego International Mobile Film Festival and to be able to attend as an Ambassador and enjoy all the other wonderful works and worlds created by the film makers attending. I’m honoured to be an Ambassador and to continue to promote and highlight the ever increasing level of excellence in films shot on mobile devices around the globe. See you all there!” — Jed Brophy

Mr. Brophy will be representing the film Blue Moon, and the global popularity of mobile filmmaking as Ambassador to IMFF based in San Diego.



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The International Mobile Film Festival takes place every year in April to celebrate making movies with smartphones. In its ninth consecutive year, IMFF is a pioneer in the mobile filmmaking industry providing an incentive and platform since its launch in 2009.

The film festival is a unique and innovative event which has seen a growth each year as it brings more international content & opportunities to San Diego. IMFF celebrates storytelling through filmmaking worldwide using smartphone cameras and welcomes the participation of San Diego residents.

IMFF 2020 will screen short and feature length films with dual film competitions. One of the unique elements of the film festival is a traditional Red Carpet Extravaganza! Every year, the festival creates a show on the red carpet for the attending filmmakers participating in its competition.

Since 2017, the red carpet walk is sponsored by the Star Wars Steampunk Universe charity group from Southern California, which has caught the eye of Lucas Film. Group members escort participating filmmakers on the red carpet before the awards ceremony. Included as part of the festival is a workshop, special speakers and presentations, networking opportunities, and more. All ages are welcome. The films range in genres including drama, music, comedy, documentary, experimental, etc.

Everyone with access to smartphones is encouraged to come celebrate making films and videos with smartphones and storytelling.

Current sponsors of #MFF2020SanDiego are Red Giant, FilmConvert, Swords and Circuitry Studios, Star Wars Steampunk Universe, Indiana Filmmakers Network.

Contact festival organizers for sponsorship opportunities on its website.
You can follow IMFF on social media: Facebook @MobilFilmFestival Instagram @MobileFilmSD and Twitter @MobilFilmFest and @MobileFilmSD YouTube Channel Tags: #MobileFilmSD #MFF2020SanDiego
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