International Mobile Film Festival San Diego Red Carpet

Photo: Susy Botello

Storytelling is all of us. We are all empowered by stories. You can inspire others and you can inspire yourself through storytelling. You can connect with people you have never met through your stories. Who is telling your story? It should be you, right? 

The future of storytelling considers drawings on the walls of ancient caves. It considers symbols inside pyramids. It considers all the ways we have shared our stories throughout time. We all have an ability to tell stories since the time we began to speak. The desire is inside us shortly after birth and shortly before our death.

Storytelling is evolving into story sharing. The people with power are the ones who could truly share stories that reached the entire globe. The power of people is now all of us. Empowered by a smartphone with a camera, there is almost no limit to how far our stories can go around the world. Who is going to tell your story?

Whether you are making films and videos with your smartphone or not, our next edition of the International Mobile Film Festival will bring a special theme to everyone who attends. We have reached the year where the world recognizes the new evolution of humankind.

Matt Huang IMFF2019 Freevision gimbal

IMFF 2019 exhibitor and collaborative partner Matt Huang of Freevision, from Los Angeles, demonstrating gimbal with participating filmmakers Steve Peterson: Feature film, "Conscious Reality" and Dania Eliot: Short film, "Talluhah: Walking the Human." Photo: Susy Botello

In 2019, the theme for the festival was Stories! and it was an incredible and memorable event. This year, we invite people who did not and are not making movies and videos with smartphones or any camera, to be a part of the celebration. The democratization of storytelling is film and video. If you are making films and videos using your smartphone camera, regardless of how you edit them—be a part of the celebration. Connect with like-minded storytellers using their smartphone cameras to make films. Join others to share stories and build relationships that can last a lifetime in person and online.

Jwoosley Workshop web

John Woosley presents Mobile Filmmaking Workshop IMFF 2019. Photo: Susy Botello

IMFF 2019 Roundtable Discussion 042819 web

Participants during IMFF 2019. Photo: Aaron Nabus

The official theme of the 9th International Mobile Film Festival is Hindsight 2020 #HindsightMobileFilm. Join us to celebrate it April 24, 25 & 26, 2020. Mark your calendars. Get details.

*Due to the Corona Virus COVID-19 crisis worldwide, IMFF 2020 was a virtual film festival April 25 & 26. 


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In the past, people who attended have come from places like Canada, Chile, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia and other states and cities in the U.S. like New York, California, Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, and more!




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