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What are you doing with your phone lately?

Everyday, you use your phone to share your stories on social media in one way or another. You are either taking pictures or capturing video. So when was the last time you checked email on your phone? You are still texting and making calls, using messaging apps and playing games and music, listening to podcasts…but what about taking your stories to another level? The same level as the pros in Hollywood take it?

Whether you are a filmmaker, a video blogger or Vlogger, a YouTuber, or a self branding guru, you know you can never get enough of all the news and trends happening with video and smartphone cameras. It's an ever evolving industry. 

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Welcome to the evolution of mobile filmmaking and smartphone video around the world, happening in San Diego. Join a global group of storytellers and filmmakers coming from countries like Italy, UK, Australia, and others, in America’s Finest City. Get the scoop. Learn from the pro’s and the people who are making films and viral videos in person. Get inspired. In this film festival, you won’t just sit in a chair to watch and listen. You will have the freedom to approach filmmakers and get into it with them--laugh, share stories, ask questions during Q & A Sessions. Join a Q & A Panel with over 15 filmmakers, on Sunday, who are all screening their films from two competitions: Feature length films and short films, all shot with smartphones.

Have you heard of the 5 W’s in storytelling and journalism? Here are the 5 W’s of #MFF2019SanDiego. This year’s theme is Stories!
What? All films shot with smartphones. Who? Meet pioneers & the people making them. Why? Their stories will inspire you. Where? In San Diego. When? Saturday & Sunday, April 27-28, 2019. Get tickets now.

Are you ready to rock? The 8th edition of the International Mobile Film Festival is also celebrating the 10th Anniversary since the festival launched with a call to action around the world. Back then, we told people that if they were human and shot a movie with their cell phone, we would screen their films on a big screen at a festival which only, and exclusively, accepted films shot with mobile phones. We promised roll out the red carpet for them in San Diego. And we have been doing just that ever since.

The theme for the International Mobile Film Festival in 2019 is Stories! There are 31 films screening from two separate competitions with features and shorts, bringing more than 15 filmmakers representing their films to the festival. They are coming to share their stories with you in person.

Short Mobile Films

Short films are between 1 and 5 minutes in length. They are a diverse selection of genres which include, comedies, drama, experimental films, musicals, documentaries and others.

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Community Stories Mobile Film Selection

One of the films, The Deepest Cut by Alexandra Guillossou from Montana, was selected to represent our Community Stories program. Each year, we look for one film that best represents the Community Stories Program. Alexandra Guillossou will present a brief Q & A during the short film screening session. The Community Stories' program mission is to inspire people to share their own stories from within their community or culture.


Feature Length Mobile Films

Two feature films of about 1 hour 25 minutes each were shot with an iPhone and a Samsung phone. We will let that speak for itself, no need to explain how inspiring that is for filmmakers everywhere who don't all own iPhones. Both filmmakers are attending IMFF 2019 to share how they made their films with a Q & A session following their film screening. Meet Steve Peterson from L.A. and Ross Perkins from Sydney in person.


Special Guest Speakers

The Mobilize Stories #MobilizeStories Mobile Filmmaking Community Network, presents two VIP Special Guest Speakers during #MFF2019SanDiego on Sunday.

Motivational Speaker and Storyteller

CK Goldiing is coming into San Diego, from Sheffield, UK, to present a moving and inspiring story, and a special screening of his viral film 61 Hugs. CK will share how he makes viral videos and uses the power of the smartphone camera to inspire you to share your stories.

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Mobile Filmmaking Workshop Seminar

John Woosley is coming from Missouri, to share a Mobile Filmmaking Workshop presentation and a special screening of his film Alex and the Firefly. As a professional filmmaker, John will provide a thorough filmmaking seminar on how to make films using iPhones.

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Honorary Global Mobile Film Awards™ VIP Guest

Global Mobile Film Awards™ presents a special VIP guest coming to IMFF 2019 from Italy. Matteo Tibiletti was awarded with one of the best of the best awards of the mobile filmmaking industry, as the 2018 Best Experimental Film: Yes, No in the 2018 Global Mobile Film Awards™ online awards ceremony.

GMFA is an awards ceremony referred to as the “Oscars” of the mobile film industry. Only award-winning mobile films qualify for a nomination.

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Matteo Tibiletti and the winner of the 2018 Best Cinematography Film: Focus, Brian Hennings from Perth, Australia, are judging short films from confirmed attending filmmakers who will be present during the awards ceremony. Matteo Tibiletti will present the honorary award to the winner during the ceremony, in person. The IMFF 2019 Awards Ceremony takes place on Sunday.


The Judges

Two Judge Panels had the tough job of selecting the best films for IMFF 2019.

The Judges for the Feature Film Competition will award a Best Feature Film Award. The judges are Avaah Blackwell and Raphael Corkhill.

The Judges for the Short Film Competition will award First, Second and Third Prize awards to the top films. The judges are Stephanie Reibel, Demetrius Witherspoon, Anthony Montes and Robert Cox.

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Red Carpet Extravaganza!

The red carpet event during our film festivals has aquired a reputation for its exceptional and celebratory theme each year since the commemorative festival. The Red Carpet Extravaganza! brings Star Wars Steampunk Universe to escort filmmakers on the red carpet to the Awards Ceremony for the third consecutive year. Their unique story is intriguing!

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The Official International Mobile Film Festival 2019 Trailer

Music Composed by Sean Thomas of The Fuzz Studio


A few of the participants and filmmakers for IMFF 2019 sent us short video messages. Check out their videos on the playlist below!



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Event Details

The International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego takes place the last weekend in April 2019 on April 27 & 28.


Location: Marina Village Conference Center | 1936 Quivira Way - E1 & E4, San Diego/Pacific Beach, California 92109


Hours: Saturday & Sunday 10 AM to 9 PM


Schedule Summary

Saturday - Grand Opening, Presentations, Screening Feature Films & Short Films, Raffle

Sunday - Special Presentations with VIP Guest Speakers and Special Film Screenings with Mobile Filmmaking Workshop Seminar, All Filmmakers Q & A Panel, Red Carpet Extravaganza! and Awards Ceremony, Raffle


TICKETS: FreshTix IMFF 2019


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