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We have a lot to share in July, and it's not all in San Diego. First, we are going to present our Mobile Filmmaking Panel during San Diego Comic-Con International. Then we are off to Indianapolis to present a workshop at IndyShorts by Heartland Film. June 21st, we launched the new #MobilizeStories movement. 


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This is our third year presenting during #SDCC. The space is limited so add it to your schedule and be there early to get in and sit close to the front. You'll want to be upfront for this one. We will be giving away a prize at the end of our panel too! The panel takes place Friday, July 20 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4. You will need a badge to enter. Please be aware that the entire area around the front of the San Diego Convention Center on Harbor Drive will be closed to traffic and pedestrians without a badge. 


#MFF2019SanDiego just opened for submissions on June 19. During the panel, we will hold a Q&A and we may answer questions about our newest category: Cosplay. As always, all films must be shot with smartphones but we would love to have cosplayers share stories using their smartphone cameras to screen during #MFF2019SanDiego and join us on the red carpet and take part in a Q&A Panel at the festival which always takes place during the last weekend of April. The International Mobile Film Festival is open to all ages to participate and attend. Perfect for cosplay kids to get their story and movie making skills to the big screen! Deadline is November 19 for shorts.


Just in case you are not aware, we launched the SBP Podcast: The Voice of Mobile Film™ late October 2017. Our podcast is doing well giving a voice to filmmakers and others in the mobile smartphone film and video industry. We publish a new episode with a guest once per week and we love how our guests open up and discuss the topic of storytelling through smartphone filmmaking. We were honored to be invited by one of our sponsors in San Diego, Swords and Circuitry Studios to be a guest panelist in Heroes At the Mic Panel which takes place at Comic-Con on Thursday, July 19 at Noon at the San Diego Central Library Neil Morgan Auditorium. Join Neal Hallford from Swords of Circuitry Studios with other panelists sharing podcasting tips and insights. Listen to Neal and Jana Hallford talk about their experience sponsoring #MFF2018SanDiego and their support for mobile filmmakers. You can listen in Episode 35 of the SBP Podcast

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The summer began officially on June 21 and it just so happens that is the day we launched the hashtag#mobiliizestories movement as a community. The community is global and mobile filmmakers have been inspiring each other through their fiilms since back in the day when we launched our film festival in 2009. It's time to unite the community of not just filmmakers, but everyone who makes the entire fabric of the mobile film movement. The purpose is to inspire everyone no matter what role they play beyond film festivals like ours. We created a themed monthly contest to keep the cameras rolling during the year and get more great stories to our International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego.

"We know that when people are creating, they are sharing and when they are sharing, they are connecting and that is how we inspire each other. The result is realizing dreams." Susy Botello, Founder of the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego.

You can use the hashtag #MobilizeStories on social media to connect, support, share, connect and inspire each other. You can follow and be a part of it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, just look for us at @mobilizestories. Get details and submit your films in the contest through the website. Guess what this month's theme is? Comic Conventions!

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Hope to see you in San Diego at the Con or in Indiana at IndyShorts! Stay cool and enjoy a fun and exciting mobile filmmaking summer!

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