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Q&A Session during International Mobile Film Festival on Sunday, April 29, 2018. Photo credit: Dean Curry Photography

Sunshine, San Diego marina with boats, amazing sunsets, great films, workshops, Q&A Sessions, mobile film presentations, awesome people from around the world and inspiration. That was the scene at the 7th edition of the International Mobile Film Festival on April 28 & 29, 2018. The word is that everyone who spent the entire weekend with us loved the experience and being a part of the celebration. The highlights are worth noting along with a few deserving mentions. 

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Star filmmakers: Bottom left to right; Seth Dacio and Prakash Gandhi Natarajan. Top row left to right: Chuck Copeland, Brian Hennings, Narelle Nash, Anthony Bradley, Pamela Bradley and Miranda J. Mullings. Photo credit: Dean Curry Photography

Highlights must begin with the stars of #MFF2018SanDiego. The attending filmmakers were Brian Hennings, Narelle Nash, Prakash Gandhi Natarajan, Miranda J. Mullings, Chuck Copeland, Pamela and Anthony Bradley and Seth Dacio. Brian Hennings from Perth won First Place and Narelle Nash from Sydney won Third Place and they flew back to Australia with trophies in hand.

During Sunday's Q&A Session, filmmakers shared their views and experiences about mobile film, the future and what inspires them. They also shared the importance of the story in their films and how the story is the most important part of a film's process.

That same morning, they attended a presentation by Jason van Genderen about the history of mobile film and his global movement, #Filmbreaker. Jason was a VIP Guest Speaker in the festival. We asked each of the filmmakers to share their views on the presentation and we are sure that Jason, who was recording it on his smartphone filmmaking rig enjoyed the responses! You can listen to Jason van Genderen talk about #Filmbreaker in the SBP Podcast: The Voice of Mobile Film™.

IMFF 2018 Jason Filmbreaking web

Jason van Genderen from the Filmbreaker movement recording Q&A. Photo credit: Dean Curry Photography

The Mobile Film School's (non-accredited) workshop on Saturday included the attending filmmakers as they shared specifics about how they made their films. There was talk about filmmaking gear, cinematography, apps and other elements that people always ask after they have an idea or story in mind they'd like to share as a mobile film. But wait, there is so much more!

Saturday's #MFF2018SanDiego began with a feature-length film shot by our VIP Guest Speaker Brian McLane. The film, The Killer's Requiem was shot with his iPhone, only one phone, and was 90 minutes long. The reaction from the audience was very positive. At the end of the film, after the applause, Brian gave a brief lecture with a Q&A and then invited Hollywood actor Tim Russ to join him.

IMFF 2018 Tim Russ Brian McLane

Tim Russ and Brian McLane. Photo credit: Dean Curry Photography

Tim Russ is best known as Tuvok in the television series Star Trek Voyager. Mr. Russ had a role in The Killer's Requiem with other well known celebrities such as Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment. We then held a networking session as the filmmakers met with Tim Russ and Brian McLane to "talk shop" and posed with them for photos. We are grateful to Tim Russ for taking time to meet with everyone. His generosity is very much appreciated and we are also thankful to Brian McLane for inviting him to be a part of his presentation. You can listen to Brian McLane in detail on the SBP Podcast: The Voice of Mobile Film™ speak about the film in detail.

One of our sponsors, Mickey Harrison from LuLu Films, produced a short film shot with her iPhone 6S which was presented during the festival. She and Shaun Donelson held a brief Q&A after the special screening of her film. Mickey is 83 years-old. Her message was that if she can make a film, anyone can make a film.

IMFF 2018 Mickey Harrison w Saun Donelson

IMFF 2018 sponsor Mickey Harrison of LuLu Films with Saun Donelson. Photo credit: Dean Curry Photography

There are many stories that came out of this year's film festival held in San Diego at the Marina Village Conference Center. But the best part of the event was how comfortable everyone felt being a part of the celebration which truly was about them and their efforts to share stories through film using their smartphones. Brian Hennings and Narelle Nash were also nominated for the Global Mobile Film Awards™ which is the "Oscars" of mobile film. Brian's film Focus, was nominated for Best Cinematography and Narelle's film The Actor, was nominated for Best Comedy. 

The annual Awards Ceremony for #MFF2018SanDiego was initiated with a spectacular red carpet event as each filmmaker was escorted by members of the Star Wars Steampunk Universe cosplay group lead by Hot Nerd Girl. Dude Vader and Ahsoka spoke to attendees about the new Cosplay category for #MFF2019SanDiego.

IMFF 2018 SWSU crop web

Some of the members of Star Wars Steampunk Universe. Left to right: Ahsoka, Dude Vader and Hot Nerd Girl. Photo credit: Dean Curry Photography

The International Mobile Film Festival ended the day after the Awards Ceremony with a photo by the marina and a podcast session with Narelle Nash, Brian Hennings, Chuck Copeland, Prakash Gandhi Natarajan and Seth Dacio and event sponsors J.R. Thrasher of San Diego Real Estate veterans and Jana and Neal Hallford of Swords of Circutry Studios. The podcast included SBP Brand Ambassador Aaron Nabus and was hosted by founder Susy Botello. Some of the filmmakers in our film festival were guests in our podcast. SBP Podcast and you can browse episodes to find them. The SBP Podcast is The Voice of Mobile Film™ and is available in major podcasting apps such as iTunes, Apple Podcasts, GooglePlay and Stitcher.

Submissions for the 8th edition of the International Mobile Film Festival open June 19th.


IMFF2018 filmmakers Marina web

Filmmakers on the Marina finalizing #MFF2018SanDiego. Left to right: Founder Susy Botello, Seth Dacio, Prakash Gandhi Natarajan, First Place Awardee Brian Hennings, Third Place Awardee Narelle Nash, Anthony Bradley, Chuck Copeland, Pamela Bradley and Miranda J. Mullings. Photo credit: Dean Curry Photogaphy


Many thanks to sponsors for the International Mobile Film Festival 2018: LuLu Films, Swords & Circuitry Studios, BlackBox, Red Giant, San Diego Real Estate Veterans, FilmConvert, SpeedPro Imaging SD, ProductionHUB and GripGear.

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