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The best place in the world with the coolest people in the world can be found at Comic-Con. If you play Pokemon Go this place was lit up and people were scoring big time! Aside from Pokemon Go, there is magic at this event. 

Beginning with Preview night we would like this article to be a taste of our time at Comic-Con in San Diego aside from our panel on Mobile Filmmaking on Friday afternoon. This article will begin with Preview Night. 

First of all, the people who attend this annual epic event in San Diego rock! I lost track of time waiting in line for the "grand opening" to the exhibits and the reason is because of the awesomeness of the people around us. Everyone who was there was pretty excited. Who needs coffee? We were feeding off of each other as we talked Pokemon Go, Instagram and respecting artists. The security this year was tight and appeared professional inside the convention center. 

The doors opened a little late. We don't know what the hold up was but once they opened the cheers made the wait soon forgotten. Once inside everyone turned left for the biggest attractions and where the art exhibitions were. So we turned right. We picked up some freebies. We got to speak with excited exhibitors and we enjoyed just about everything that was there. 

The bags were pretty cool and there appeared to be about four different designs that I saw. Our was Lucifer, not the most popular. The Flash was was quite Popular. 

SDCC Mobile Reporter

This guy though! He rocked! Not only was he well accessorized but he was a very nice guy. We were in traffic when I yelled out about our panel and the crowd moved him in the opposite direction of where the crowd was moving us and he asked for info. Later we caught him reporting LIVE on Facebook. He was not alone we saw a handful of people with different accessories doing live reports throughtout the evening. 

Below are some photos I shot with my iPhone and they are self explanaotory. We will update this article with our experience this week so come back to visit!

If you are at Comic-Con in San Diego come see our panel. If you have friends here do share. Remember, our film festival is currently accepting films shot with only smartphones and we have a workshop for all ages in San Diego on Sunday, August 12. 

See you soon! 

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