FEBRUARY 19, 2017

Smartphone Movies: A Global Rising in Filmmaking

It’s the biggest award in the world for movies shot with the world's smallest and most innovative movie cameras…smartphones!

S. Botello Productions™ has created a new platform for mobile filmmakers around the world. The founder of the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, Susan Botello, has created an international awards event celebrating the best of the best in the mobile/smartphone film industry with the brand new Global Mobile Film Awards™ (GMFA).

GMFA is open to filmmakers who shoot their films with only mobile phones and who have won official awards at any film festival or film/video contest around the world which has accepted and awarded a film shot with mobile phones. There are no time limits and more than one film can be submitted by the same filmmaker.

Any film festival or contest can become a member of GMFA to include free submissions to GMFA for mobile winning films from their competitions. This provides all film festivals and organizations with film/video contests to provide a prestigious benefit to their winning filmmakers who have shot their films and videos with only mobile phone cameras at no cost to the awarded filmmaker. It also encourages traditional festivals and contests to open their door to mobile filmmakers.

Films may be submitted to GMFA and nominated for the categories of best film, best director, best cinematography, best music video, best documentary, best news story and best experimental film. GMFA is an online competition with a special session to be included in the annual International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego. The dates are tentatively set for next fall.

Susan Botello has brought the SF3 SmartFone Flick Fest in Sydney, Australia on board as the very first member mobile film festival. SF3 Co-Founders Angela Blake and Ali Crew say they are thrilled to be involved.

SF3 VectorSF3 is about making filmmaking affordable and accessible and we can think of no better way forward for this dream than by joining with Susy in this amazing venture, the GMFA.” said Angela Blake. "Together we share the vision of fostering the careers of talented smartphone filmmakers and now we have the opportunity and the space to showcase their films to a truly international audience, helping to nurture their careers and the place of smartphone filmmaking in the film industry. We couldn't be more excited!.” Ali Crew, Co-Founder, SF3 SmartFone Flick Fest, Sydney, Australia.

HeartlandFilm LogoHeartland Film Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana has also joined GMFA to be the very first traditional film festival to become a member. Heartland Film Festival is the largest and longest-running film festival across Indiana celebrating their 26th anniversary in October.

“As soon as I learned of the Global Mobile Film Awards from Susy Botello, I wanted our film festival to be involved and show our support. I have followed Susy with her International Mobile Film Festival for a number of years and she has enlightened and educated me tremendously about the capabilities of filmmaking with mobile phones. Susy always seems to be one step ahead of filmmaking technology.” Craig Prater, President/CEO, Heartland Film Festival, Indianapolis, Indiana.

One of the awards that winning filmmakers from GMFA will receive is to form a unique judging panel to offer a special honorary award to one attending filmmaker during the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego.

Susan has enormous respect for mobile filmmakers and is on a mission to help realize their dreams.

“GMFA provides an opportunity to filmmakers who have won awards with a film or video shot with smartphones to excel in the industry and claim an exceptional award for their hard work, skills and talents. Mobile filmmakers are independent filmmakers and their films can captivate, entertain, inform, educate, provide awe, amusement, can provoke empathy and can inspire just as any good film shot with any camera.”


International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego began forming in 2009 and has consistently grown throughout the years with an unaccredited Mobile Film School as a part of a Mobile Film Resource Center by S. Botello Productions™.


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