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Our Mobile Filmmaking Workshops are for everyone. Using your smartphone, you can make movies, documentaries, music videos, corporate videos, news and community reports and much more. We are going to show you just how you can get started making films and videos with your mobile phone by providing you with all the information you need and our Hands-On portion of the workshop will provide you with the experience you need to start as a mobile filmmaker!

We are going to Comic-Con International 2017 in San Diego! If you have a pass you can attend our Smartphone Filmmaking Panel on Friday, July 21, 2017 at 6:30PM. Check the schedule



Our Mobile Film School (non-accredited) provides Mobile Filmmaking Workshops in San Diego is one of the programs S. Botello Productions™ developed in 2012 to be a part of a global Mobile Film Resource center based in San Diego to enable the engagement of a global community of mobile filmmakers using the most widely available mobile device technology for most people around the world. Currently, that is the smartphone.

Learning how to make films using your smartphone, enables you to be a part of our International Mobile Film Festival, which is currently open for film submissions. Our Mobile Film competitions provides a free opportunity to anyone of any age to make short films using only smartphones as cameras. Our traditional Short Mobile Films competition (1-5min) deadline is December 19, 2017 and you can submit a film free. IMFF 2017 launched a new competition of Mobile Feature Films, currently (40-80min), to the world and the deadline to submit your film is November 19, 2017.

You are invited to join us during our mobile filmmaking workshops to get you started making a movie or to learn how to get started. We show you how to make all sorts of videos, including movies, documentaries, promos, corporate, music and more. Our workshops are also fitting for companies and organizations. Are you a vlogger or YouTube celebrity in the making? 

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In our Mobile Filmmaking Workshops, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and we will go in-depth about mobile filmmaking accessories, apps, and whether you should edit your film on your phone or on a computer. There are plenty of options available today to make a simple film of any genre from documentary, music or creative film or a full-length feature cinematic film. We invite students to make educational videos and will explain the benefits of our program for school districts, if you are interested. 

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SDCC2017 Filmmaking Panel

What: All Ages - Mobile Smartphone Filmmaking Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

*Must have pass to get in.

Date: Friday, July 21, 2017

Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Location: San Diego Convention Center

7310 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA 92126

Cost: FREE must have valid SDCC pass

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Mobile Filmmaking is becoming the next big thing! You have heard of movies which used smartphone cameras to shoot but you may still not be convinced that you can make a movie yourself using a smartphone from your own back pocket! Smartphone cameras now have the capability of shooting 4K - Which makes mobile filmmaking now a possibility to be taken seriously. Meet the Founder of The International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego Susan Botello (S. Botello Productions) and San Diego Mobile Filmmaker Anthony De La Cruz to share with you the ins and outs of what you need to get started as a mobile filmmaker. Do you need an app? Can you use microphones? How do you stabilize your videos for a smoother more professional look? Do you need a million dollars?

We will answer your questions and present some cool filmmaking tools and accessories. Let us inspire you to make movies, documentaries, promos, music videos and just about any films that all can be done using your smartphone as a camera! Learn to edit on the phone (or computer) and share your films with the world. Bring your smartphones and we’ll share the world of mobile filmmaking with you! Be inspired by your superpower for storytelling using your smartphone camera! 


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"I absolutely loved it. This was definitely the right step in a journey to break away from the traditional point and shoot on your smartphone. If your looking to get serious about taking your mobile filmmaking game to the next level without having to go to a traditional film school this is the place to be." Mario Romero



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"We empower the storyteller inside you through filmmaking with your smartphone."  - S. Botello Productions™