SDCC2016 Susan Botello Rick Narvaez

San Diego is a beautiful city but every year in July Comic-Con International comes around and kicks everything up a notch! This year, we were invited to present a panel titled, "Mobile Filmmaking: How to Make a Movie Using a Camera Phone" on Friday, July 22 and Comic-Con attendees rock! 

It was an honor for me, as the founder, to invite one of our collaborators from LA to join us: Luis Juarez, the founder of IndieFone. He just filmed an entire feature film titled, Scratch the Fate, using iPhones. Rick Narvaez joined our team at S. Botello Productions™ last year and he was also invited as part of the panel and filmed the presentation on his iPhone using a gimbal and our Audio Technica shotgun mic with a mobile light from Lume Cube from San Diego.

SDCC2016 Susan Botello and Luis Juarez 072216

We were embraced by an almost full room of curious attendees and most of them had not really heard about mobile filmmaking before. They had no idea that you could make a movie with a phone. They had not heard about the famed feature which made the news last year. So this was a real treat for them. 

SDCC2016 Room 072216

We opened the presentation with a mobile film by David Muñoz from Spain, Captain Justice (Capitan Justicia). Much laughter ensued and the audience was very much entertained, judging from their reactions. As soon as the movie ended I began our presentation with an introduction of our panel and our agenda and soon we were off to inspire attendees with information. Meanwhile, Rick shot video and we also had a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Android) smartphone as a static camera on a tripod capturing wide shots of the room. 

SDCC Captain Justice

Before we moved on to the Q&A portion of our presentation, we presented Luis' video Christafari - Fly Away, which is an entertaining musical shot with an iPhone and edited in iMovie and showed off his professional video production skills and talents along with some of the features from the iPhone.

SDCC2016 OS Rick Narvaez Focus PPT

Rick was asked a few questions about the accessories, like the stabilizer he was using (a gimbal) and people wanted to know about microphones as well. They also wanted to know about lenses and I praised Olloclip as one of my favorites, as I was holding an iPhone 4S with an Olloclip, an iRig for attaching a mic and the Foto Safari Products' Blackwing HG3 (handgrip stabilizer). We also mentioned our all ages workshop coming up on Friday, August 12.

We were running out of time so we decided to end by pointing out how to contact us from our website along with a discount code for the mobile light, LumeCube available on our website. As soon as we said 'thank you for coming' a number of attendees approached us with more questions, to get a closer look at our accessories and some approached us to tell us they really enjoyed our presentation.

SDCC2016 Rick Narvaez

We look forward to presentations spreading the word about mobile filmmaking, sometimes referred to as a "movement" by many people who follow it. I still think that it is one of the best examples of true innovation. We do however, shine a light on anyone who ever wanted to make a movie by giving them the opportunity to do so and shine on the red carpet during our International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego. Maybe it's innovation with a sprinkle of magic because the community of mobile filmmakers is filled with many magical people with stories to share with everyone in the world. 

One more thing, we are open for submissions for our traditional shorts competition and our new mobile feature competition. Check out the rules and details and we hope you make it to #MFF2017SanDiego next April 29 & 30, 2017 and to the red carpet! Check out some films from past film festivals while you are on the MFF page on our website!