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Details about our Collaborative Partnerships, Supporters and Sponsors

Featured Collaborative Partners


  Conrad Mess Logo

Conrad Mess | Zaragoza, Spain

Conrad Mess contributes and collaborates with SBP as part of our team. He is leading our mobile film school (non-acredited) and shares his films with our events, mobile film school and MFTV. We are honored to have Conrad Mess with his multi-award record as the best cinematic mobile filmmakers in the world raising the bar for mobile filmmaking.


SF3 Vector

SF3 - SmartFone Flick Fest | Australia
Australia’s only dedicated smartphone film festival for filmmakers of all ages. It is an international festival open to anyone with a smartphone or tablet and a great idea for a short film. The festival provides a platform for budding filmmakers to bring their ideas to life and have their films seen by a global audience, without the need for lots of fancy equipment or a big budget. That great story you have always thought would make a great film? Here is your chance!

Just about everyone now has access to a smartphone or a tablet so switch on the video camera and start filming. It is that easy.

SF3 SmartFone Flick Fest | Global Mobile Film Awards™ Founding Member


Red Giant logo 

Red Giant Software | Beaverton, Oregon, USA | SPONSOR

At Red Giant, we make tools, films and training to enrich the community of filmmakers and motion designers. For our own award-winning short films, we create new software to fill our needs. Then we make those products available for everyone else, helping artists create the perfect look that matches their story. Red Giant develops tools that make the filmmaking process faster, more secure, more accurate and just more fun. For over 10 years, we have built software for motion design, color correction, visual effects and photography that is used for everything from major motion pictures to worldwide television programming to web production.

International Mobil Film Festival™ is honored for Red Giant's continued sponsorship since our inaugural MFF2012.


Film Convert

FilmConvert | SPONSOR

We believe Filmmaking should be enhanced by technology, leaving no limitations! So we're giving the power back to the filmmaker by providing software that delivers beautiful colors, leaving you to create beautiful stories. 

FilmConvert enables you to add film color & grain to your video in a few simple clicks. With a range of market-leading cameras profiled, you can achieve precise, industry leading results even under the tightest deadline.


ColumnSpace Logo

Column Space | Los Angeles, California

Column Space is the next generation of streaming digital content as a revenue stream.  We are putting the power back in the hands of the film maker - and giving you back up to 50% in ad revenue on all your streamed content. All you have to do is upload, and sit back while we bring the traffic to you.

Column Space is working with us on MFTV (Mobile Film Distribution Network Channel)

HeartlandFilm Logo

Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana
Heartland Film Festival joined GMFA to be the very first traditional film festival to become a member. Heartland Film Festival is the largest and longest-running film festival across Indiana celebrating their 26th anniversary in October 2017.

Heartland Films has partnered with the International Mobile Film Festival to award the Best Feature Mobile Film & First Prize Short Mobile Film winners with an opportunity to showcase their winning films from IMFF2017 during the 26th Anniversary Heartland Film Festival October 2017 featured as top best films of IMFF2017 in San Diego.

Heartland Film Festival | Global Mobile Film Awards™ Founding Member





Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa (MINA) | Wellington, New Zealand

The Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa creates interactions between people, content and the creative industries. MINA collaborates with us through Max Schleser.



Williams Production Company logo

Williams Production Company by Gerry Williams | San Diego, California
Gerry Williams has been on the SBP team in San Diego since we went into business and has always contributed his equipment and services to SBP. He is a filmmaker with 16 feature-length films to his credit as a Director of Photography. He produces, directs, shoots and edits corporate/industrial films and commercials.

"It's not the camera that takes amazing pictures - the camera is just another tool. You don't tell a painter that it's the brush that makes a great painting, or the paints used. It's the filmmaker's knowledge, experience and vision that makes an awesome film, no matter the tools.”

Gerry Williams also hosts a monthly Mars Movie Night and the San Diego Vintage Sci-Fi movies.


iPhone Film Festival logo


iPhone Film Festival | Los Angeles, California

The iPhone Film Festival was started by a filmmaker for other filmmakers. There are thousands of us, talented artist that don’t have the resources that major film companies have to create a film. However, we do have our talent and most importantly we have our creative instincts. This website was designed to give artist an avenue to showoff their gifts to the world by simply using their talents, creativity, and their iPhone.

International Mobil Film Festival™ in San Diego is proud to have partnered with the pioneer iPhone Film Festival in Los Angeles.



IndiephoneFF Logo

Indiefone™ Film Fest | Los Angeles, California, USA
We are proud to have IndieFone™ as one of our collaborators closest to our film festival in San Diego. 

Indiefone™ is the first ever iPhone Film Festival founded in 2009. Indiefone™ invites filmmakers to use their creativity to the fullest by shooting a video project entirely on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Indiefone's™ purpose is to serve as an educational platform for flourishing filmmakers and give them the tools so they can develop in their craft.


MobileFest Macedonia logo

Mobile Festival | Skopje, Macedonia

We enjoy an honorable relationship with Mobile Festival which has been existent since we launched our idea online. Through our Liaison Vesna Ristova we are proud to share an collaborate together to make dreams come true though mobile filmmaking.

International Festival of Films: Shoot With Mobile Phones – Mobil Festival 2015 announced its call for submissions officially open. 

The Mobile Festival is accepting mobile films. Deadline is November 10, 2016


Miniature Film Festival

Miniature Film Festival | Canada
We are honored to have partnered with Miniature Film Festival in Vancouver, Canada to share collaboration and provide more opportunities to mobile filmmakers worldwide. 

"The Miniature Film Festival is exactly what it sounds like - a small celebration of small films. We want to acknowledge and promote filmmakers who make one-minute micro short films. We are a new, small scale festival that wants to help create a community for tiny films and the ingenious filmmakers who make them - a miniature festival for miniature films!”







How Membership Benefits Global Filmmakers

Some of our collaborative members shared some of their mobile films in our festivals and events in San Diego. Watch the Intro Video we played for the audience during the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego on 2016 before showcasing mobile films from participants to their film festivals. We do this to help realize dreams from our mutual global community of mobile filmmakers around the world.

This is not a directory of festivals or organizations in mobile film but a listing of collaborative partnerships where we share our work to benefit the mobile filmmaking "movement" by supporting mobile filmmakers all around the world. Our sponsors are also listed here and their support enable us to provide the services we provide to the mobile filmmaking industry which include and are not limited to the International Mobile Film Festival. 

If you would like to be involved and become a collaborative partner or a sponsor, please contact us today.