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Mobile Film School (non-accredited) in San Diego, California

As part of the Mobile Film Resource center by S. Botello Productions™ with the International Mobil Film Festival™ in San Diego and Mobile Film TV Network Channel we invite you to be inspired by mobile filmmaking to share your own films and stories. We aim to show you how to make videos and films with smartphones.



"I absolutely loved it. This was definitely the right step in a journey to break away from the traditional point and shoot on your smartphone. If you're looking to get serious about taking your mobile filmmaking game to the next level without having to go to a traditional film school this is the place to be." Mario Romero


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Global Mobile Film Resource Center

Promoting Art, Technology & Education
S. Botello Productions™ is forming a mobile film resource center for the world to access. A strong emphasis is on connecting the world of filmmaking to mobile filmmakers around the globe via new technological advances with mobile phone cameras.

SBP is based in San Diego, California where owner and founder of the mobile film resource center resides. On September 4, 2012 we issued a press release announcing the Mobile Film School (non-accredited) with two directors: Conrad Mess, who lives in Zaragoza, Spain and Max Schleser, in Wellington, New Zealand. Both are well known globally as pioneers in the mobile film industry.

Multi-award iPhone filmmaker Conrad Mess and Max Schleser, founder of MINA (Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa) and instructor at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand are collaborative partners of our exclusive mobile film school, which we plan to accredit.

During a kickoff event in February 2013, Max Schleser flew into San Diego to take part in the official launch of our school and present during our two-day workshop. The photo below features Max Schleser (sitting right) with Jeff Turboff (standing) and Perry Dixon.

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“I learned so much in this class it felt like an on the job training with a production company. I learned how to use my phone as an audio recorder separate from just visual recording, how to edit with multiple apps, lighting, adding music and so much more. I couldn’t get this on my own without MFS.” – Perry Dixon about the Mobile Film School in San Diego.

We held several workshops and a bootcamp just before our film festival this last April 2016 and are looking forward to more workshops coming up which we will announce soon. Follow us on our social media to be amongst the first to find out about them!

"We empower the storyteller inside you through filmmaking with your smartphone." - S. Botello Productions™